Top Ten Reasons for Making this Blog


Hey world. It’s me Scarlet.  At least that’s my real name.  Things would be so much easier if I had just a regular name. It’s almost as if the name Scarlet is my own personal Scarlet’s Letter that I’m forced to walk around with in shame on a daily basis.

It would be safe to say I’m also not too fond of my last name because it sounds a little too much like a famous Hollywood actress.  (Take a wild guess which one.)

I’ve decided tto write the The Scarlet Numbers to finally feel like I have a voice in a world where I generally feel voiceless.  These blogs will be used to share everything on my mind at all times hopefully without shame or regret.

Let me start by telling you a little about myself, I am a journalist who specializes in product reviews mostly in the areas of photography and technology.

I need to start being most honest with myself and everyone else. The truth is, I’m a liar. I’ve lied to myself and everyone else about who I really am for so long I’m really even not sure who I am anymore. It’s a horrible habit but it seems to be the only way I can truly be myself. I tell men that my name is “Violet, or Charolette” rather than telling them my real name and this always gets completely awkward after the first couple dates.

Since I’m so quick to lie about myself, it might be easier for me to tell you a couple things that I am not rather than who I am:

1.  I am not a model, nor will I ever be.

2.  AND…despite this ongoing lie that I continue to want to tell everyone, I am not a journalist for Rolling Stone.

Anyway, here’s my Top Ten Reasons for Making this Blog:

#10.  To rant and rave about the News.  I love reading about current events and spend countless hours every day surfing the web.  I don’t really have any experience writing about this type of stuff – which is something that I hope to change because I believe I would be good at listing my Top Ten Reasons Why Zimmerman Deserves the Death Penalty.  

#9.  To rant and rave about Fashion. What can I say.  I love fashion. Nothing is more fun than trying on new clothes.  Except sex.

#8,  To talk about music, booksand movies.  I plan on extensively writing a long list of reviews on the different types of music that I’m currently into.  I’ve always wanted to keep a some kind of documentation of all the books, movies, and music  I enjoy so this blog will also be used for me to write about all three. I’ll start with my first movie review ever – “The Hunger Games ” and compare it to the book.  I’ve read Suzanne Collin’s entire series so I’ll also discuss what I hope they do with the next two installments in the series.

#7.  To talk about Photography and openly discuss why I hate the modeling industry and why I refuse to let my body be sold to scumbags trying to make a quick buck off my boobs.  I find it completely dehumanizing , degrading, and everything about it just makes me what to puke all over the place.  I’ll write a blog about my experiences with being a model and why I will never ever sell my body again.

#6.  To post cute pictures of  my puppy: Napkins. I have the cutest little puppy in the entire world who I just resued from a kill shelter.  Honestly, I don’t know what I’d do without him, he’s my best friend and I love him so much I don’t even know how to say it without crying.

#5. To make a whole bunch of Top Ten Lists.  Like this one.  But with more pictures.

#4. To write things in Bold Letters for absolutely no reason.

#3.  To keep a daily journal about my personal life to share with everyone! Yes, I’m single now but if anyone special comes around in my life – anyone reading this blog will be the first to know.  I’ll write about different the different people I’m dating, maybe do I few restaurant reviews. Oh, and I’m definately looking forward to writing about sex!

#2.  To document Political beliefs, thoughts, and opinions. Yeah, this subject might be a little less interesting –  but when I’m passionate about something – I just gotta do it.

#1.  Finally, because I LOVE WRITE.  (Did I mention I like to write about sex?)  I hope that everyone enjoyed my First Top Ten List of 2012.

Thanks for reading!


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14 Responses to Top Ten Reasons for Making this Blog

  1. tomkiesche says:

    Great shot you got there… Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog.
    Write. Write. Write…


  2. bulldozer00 says:

    Hi Scarlet Johansson, err Johnson? Thanks for the “like”. We have something in common. I’m a liar too. Actually, I’m a l’artiste:

  3. sherrylcook says:

    So glad I found you! Can’t wait to read more! And by the way. Sex is great!!

  4. wildwillows says:

    LOVE IT!!!!!!!!! I’m thinking we have a few things in common LOL……

  5. Michelle says:

    I can relate to number 4. Note to self, start writing in bold for the hell of it haha. I’m looking forward to more post from you dear. Write away!

  6. Enjoyed reading your blog and your creative choice of pics…

    Thanks for liking our blog…. If you are interested in the policy or more serious aspects of blogging stop by our shop and search us….

  7. I’ve just found the blog and thus far I’m enjoying it a bunch. After reading this list, I really want to see pictures of your puppy. It seems almost cruel not to have included it in the post.

  8. Kvothe says:

    How do you get the passwords to these protected posts you write?

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