If Everyone is special, what’s so special about being special?

The Scarlet Numbers 4.23.12

Hello world. It’s me Scarlet.

I feel like a compete jackass today.  Once again, I’m feeling a little sense of shame over something that I’ve written.  Last night when writing “5 Things to Die for”  I blatantly misquoted Roger Ebert.  Originally, I just copied a quote from one of his reviews from The Hunger Games.  While going over my work, I decided to desecrate his words and basically entirely reworded everything he said to make it funnier.

“It was hilarious.”

Thanks, Obama.  (But I still feel like a jackass.)  Anyway, today I found myself asking the question,

How would I feel if someone else misquoted me?”

 I suppose it would matter the circumstances.  I think in my context, it was very obvious that I was just being silly and outrageous. Despite the shame I feel about it, I think that making myself laugh is very important. I’ve been thinking really deeply today about “why things are funny”  and i’ve wasted an extrodinary amount of time trying to explain it – until I ultimately realized – trying to explain it is completely impossible. 

“Just face it. It wasn’t funny Scarlet.”

There are ultimately only two ways a joke will go – it’s either “hit or miss”  Things are eight funny or they’re not.  However, I keep kicking a dead horse by trying to make something that isn’t funny somehow funny.

“I pity the fool who doesn’t think I’m funny!”

  The funniest punchlines (in my opinion)  always seem to have an unspoken background of the subject that’s never actually spoken.  And despite being short-lived I think the best kind of humor always originates from an inside joke or parody.  The problem with this type of humor is it’s “hit or miss” and the reliance of the implied unspoken knowledge of the subject ultimately defeats the humor over time when new or older generations have never asked themselves:

 “Where in the freaking world is Carmen Sandiego!!!”

 Seriously.  Where did she go?  That mysterious little bitch! There’s like 5 guns on her in this picture and she’s just “chillin”  not worried at all about behind gunned down.  She’s basically the female version of James Bond, Jimmy Hoffa, and Waldo. 

So sexy.  So mysterious.  Why can’t I be more like that?  ‘m constantly overanalyzing everything and wondering why I feel so misunderstood. This morning I asked Siri,

“Where can I get a haircut around here.”

  And she responded, “But I like the way your hair already is.”  And I feel over laughing – almost to the point where I was crying.  And then I had a sudden realization of how beautiful laughter is – but when I tried to start writing about it and trying to define and explain myself – I just found myself trying to justify myself rather than just “Let it Be.”

 I’ve really been trying hard so far in this blog to avoid quoting others as much as possible because I think when we quote others we’re avoiding the thought provoking challenge of being a real writer.  Overusing copy and paste and using other people’s work, ideas, and statistics is easy.  But at the end of the day, “Where’s the originality?”  There is none.  When we quote others, we’re just running from our own thoughts, our own ideas, and we’re basically just running away from ourselves..

“Wait for me…noooo!!!!”

However, maybe copy and paste isn’t so bad after all. Without using Google images – how else would I be able to post all these funny pictures? I think at times cliches are a useful tool that can be used to lead to origionality.  

The avoidance of cliches often leads to the realization that “almost everything has been said before.” It’s almost quite miraculous how much we all have in common at times – while we’re all simultaneously so different.

Maybe Justice really isnt’ blind…maybe she just needs to wake up and smell the roses and realize there’s a blindfold on her face.   Might we all be completely avoiding any slight resemblance of originality by “thinking outside of the box” a little too much?  Maybe it’s time to start thinking INSIDE the box for a change.

If we’re “able to read the writing on the wall”  and “our lack of education hasn’t hurt us”  why not just quote “Paul Simon”  rather than beat around the bush? Why do we have all to be so freaking unique?

“I think my whole generation’s mission is to kill the cliche.”


Eureeka! I just realized…something and it all makes sense now.  We quote other people when there’s something that couldn’t possibly be said any better or precise.  Because after all, what’s the point of rewording thoughts and ideas simply for the sake of originality when we’re basically just trying to reiterate the same message? 

Today’s scarlet letter goes to the “Cliche” who is basically just the nice guy who is generally hated for no reason so much it’s ironically become soooo cliche.  Keep your chin up little guy, one day someone’s going to recognize you are “quite-the-cool.”  



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18 Responses to If Everyone is special, what’s so special about being special?

  1. You have an awesome sense of humor, super glad I found your blog

  2. jymiely says:

    that puppy!! cuteness is my weakness, grrrr! 😉 this is hilarious loved this so much! lol 🙂

  3. jymiely says:

    Reblogged this on little furrow and commented:
    exceptionally funny 😉

  4. As someone with delusions of writer, I can’t imagine a greater thrill than to be quoted. That said, I hope it is for something I’ve written that is 3 parts snark, 1 part brilliance, and 2 parts unknown. If not, well, then I’ll be horribly disappointed.

    I very much liked the line, if I may quote you, “Where can I get a haircut around here.” And she responded, “But I like the way your hair already is.” <I thought that was brilliant, funny, and possibly "kittens with string" adorable. Well done. I have the 3s, so I don't get to have Siri as a friend. She seems very supportive and maybe I'll ask her to hang out with me after the iphone Cinq comes out (French version).

  5. jymiely says:

    no problem 😉 you made me laugh, i reblogged it so we’re even 😉

  6. Ian Moone says:

    Ah man trying to drink a beer and reading your blog is a kin to drowning in a spoonful of water,I really should learn to put the drink down due to health and safety reasons. 🙂

  7. J.D.Hughes says:

    Enjoyed it, but it didn’t need the bold type. Irony is best expressed in a quiet voice. 🙂

  8. imagine a world without Cliches … difficult.. very difficult

  9. mamoun says:

    special is one you put his secrets inside cell on his heart ,that attract u innocently and you do nothing ,long for and he beside you,you trust him endlessly .above all he should be faith,honorable and passion.

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