Top Ten Best Board Games of All Time

The Scarlet Numbers


Who doesn’t love board games? Everyone loves board games! Especially when you’re bored! How many countless great memories do you have playing Merry Milkman…

16 bottles of milk, the 8 blocks of butter, 8 trays of eggs, 6 doorsteps….I loved this game! So. Much. Fun!

By the way…what ever happened to the milk man? We all still drink milk…isn’t that kinda strange that the milk man just kind became extinct? Hmmm…maybe one day all the milkman of the whole all had a conference and decided to start selling ice-cream instead.

Sorry, I got a little off track…anyway…OH WELL…

Remember “Oh Hell.” What a game! I have so many memories I could write a whole book about this game…but don’t worry, I won’t bore you to death until a few more of these….

Every child loves oh nuts! Right? I don’t think there was a single day that passed that I didn’t play this game at least once or twice. The box always smelled so funny!

And who didn’t play Pac-Man? Best board game ever right? I just love the white balls you have to collect! Certainly better than the arcade because you didn’t have to waste all your quarters to play!

Remember when your father used to tie you up when you used to play “Tie and Tangle?” What a hoot!

I could go on about this one forever


I’ll be honest, I’ve actually never played any of these games.

Except this one:

Ever played Poo?

What about Finger’s Harry?

Heathcliff…Heahcliff…no one should terrorize the neighborhood… I could go on forever about this one! I used to LOVE this show, but the board game MUNCH OUT.. Let’s just say during my “lesbian phase” I played this game all the time!

Okay….those were the

10 worst board games of all time!

Now let’s get to the good ones!

“I see what you did there…”

Scarlet Presents…

Top Ten Best Board Games of All Time:

#10. Guess Who

Not to sound racist or anything, but make sure when you’re playing Guess Who you never to pick Andy, because he’s the only black guy, basically you can lose in one turn. Also, it would probably not be a good idea to go to the airport with this guy! Did I mention yet how much I’ve always love Ashley’s green hat! I wonder where she got that….For-ev-ver 21 maybe?

And why haven’t I seen a Guess Who iPhone app yet? I could imagine millions of people playing this at at work! (Attention App Designers: You’ve just been rewarded a million dollar idea for reading my blog. You’re welcome!)

#9. Scrabble!

#8. Connect 4

There’s actually an iPhone app for this game, but I hate it, because it’s just not as fun as it was when I was younger. This game came actually get really competitive, especially when you’re playing with adults. Have you ever seen the Connect Four Movie?

Okay…let’s move on.

#7. Operation

This was a good one…but sometimes it was frustrating. And something about this game always lead to playing doctor….

#6. Monopoly

Ever wonder who decided to make the pieces out of such strange things? Seriously, who wants to be the shoe? No one wants to be the iron! If you’re like me, you probably want to be the hat.

I also like the idea of Pink Money! Brilliant!

I could seriously go on about this one for-ev-ver. Let me just say one more thing and I’ll move on. This game takes for-ev-ver to play. And I mean…


#5. Mouse Trap

This was the game that no one actually knew how to play. You kinda just built this cool looking thing but looking at the cover on the box and then that was that. And of course instead of Disneyworld most people preferred to go to….

“Mouse-Trap Land”

Never been there? Me either! I’m so jealous. But how much do you want to bet that no one ever played the actual game after they built this. They just looked at the box and yeah….

I’ve decided this game doesn’t count. I’m going to redo #5.

The #5 Best Game of All Time Is…


That’s right! Twister! One of the many games that have been turned into a Crappy movie! Strangely enough, the Twister Movie didn’t even have a Twister board…for some reason it just had a whole bunch of tornadoes. What was Milton Bradley thinking! Maybe it was a metaphor.

#4. Battleship

Who doesn’t LOVE Battleship? This would be another good iphone App that could be a hit. And who would forget this punchline…

“You sunk my battleship!”

Bingo has never been the same. Oh…and guess what’s coming up?

There better be a Battleship in this movie.

I’m not sure if this Monopoly movie is a parody or not…but I’m super psyched to see…

I’ve already talked about Hungry, Hungry, Hippos this week..

.so I didn’t add it to this list, but it probably

deserves to be right about here.

#3. Ouija Board

Every Christian family’s favorite game! The problem with this game though is if both players are being honest, it never works! You need to make sure that when you play this game one person is gullible and one person is a liar.

Then this will happen.


This is actually a really good movie. Come to think of it, I think Clue is the only movie that’s ever been good coming from a board game!

Have you seen Clue?

This is not a game that you want to play with strangers or felons.

Hey look, there’s Scarlett!

Why on earth would you spell your name with two T’s like that?


Can I get a drumroll please…..

The #1 Game is…..

Hi Ho Cherry Oh!

Am I the only one on earth who played this game like ALL the time?

If I ever am lucky enough to have

children I am forcing this to play this!




HOW did I forget Candy Land! I probably played this game more than any other board game ever! Well…I still play chess on a daily basis, can’t say I’ve played Candyland in a couple thousand years!

Remember this guy?

Sexy Dress Sister!

And of course the three men your father would never let you be around alone….

I had TONS of fun writing this one everyone….wow I’ve almost written a 1100 words! I shouldn’t have talked so much about the milk man.

Thanks for reading! Please share this with someone!

You guys are the best!



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2 Responses to Top Ten Best Board Games of All Time

  1. Jim Cantwell says:

    Scarlet, great post as always 🙂
    Growing up Monopoly was the favorite in my house, but being a kid of the 70’s we were outside a lot playing wiffle ball, hide and seek when it got dark out yadda, yadda the only time we were in is if it was raining. So Monopoly went on forever it would take days to finish, I also really liked and still do Chinese checkers. and that’s the biggest operation game I have ever seen haha

  2. mayo says:

    Really good list. Sounds fun to me! Check all out the list of these best board games

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