Why is it that when I make good blogs, no one cares, and then I make trash and people suddenly start viewing?

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13 Responses to Why So UN-SIRIUS?

  1. That is amazing. I get like 50 hits a day on average. How do you do it?

  2. J.D.Hughes says:

    Sadly, because some people like trash.

    Alex, I write too (mild horror, no zombies or vampires) so I will look you up.

  3. Yeah its weird, my biggest hits in one day was 688 and i posted like 2 articles. When i post a shitload of articles i get about 2-300, its weird.
    On another note, I just launched my websites new logo, head over to the site and tell me what you think 🙂

  4. For some reason people are attacted to the obscure and frivilious nature of the web. So blogs topic that are serious in nature may get overlooked. Yet trite posts meaning little will see hits and comments.
    For many life is too hard and it drains a lot from their psyche. When they do get a free moment they usually do not want information of a serious nature. That is what they contend with during the working day.
    But keep at it. Folks will come if the content is good , fresh or ironic.

  5. metalmantis says:

    We never can tell what turns on the public some times!

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