Tech Review: The iPad 2- The Garden of Apple Pt. 2

Tech Review: The iPad 2-
The Garden of Apple Pt. 2

Let’s take a minute to talk again about Apple’s Gadget’s & Gizmo’s a Plenty…and by that I don’t mean talk about what Ariel is playing with underneath these bubbles.

The iPad 2 is today’s Thingamabob…

“What is this Dingerhopper?”

Is it worth the risk of a shark attack to acquire?

For those of you who have never swam to the shore to have a seagull explain it, maybe you haven’t heard of the iPad’s new and improved features. It has a front and back facing camera, FaceTime, and a longer battery life.

But are these features merely Whosits and whatsits galore?

From my own experience, overall I feel like King Triton has shot his golden pitchfork and my bank account and shattered the Prince Eric statue of my hard earned money.

I may sound a little crabby and if I do I apologize. Call me Sebastian….but I’m probably gonna have to be the bringer of bad news…I hate to be such a tattle tail but I think overall the iPad 2 isn’t very impressive.

It’s almost kinda worth skipping a symphony over to search for better treasures.

Just watch out for sharks.

Now before you get all angry and rush off to some sea-witch to trade your voice for a new pair of legs…

Let me explain. Hopefully I can give you a good enough “Aerial” view to decide for yourself.

Question: Does size really matter?
Is bigger really better, or is it the “motion of the ocean.”

Honestly, I don’t see the iPad being any different from an oversized iPhone. In fact, I’m using my phone to write this blog rather than using yours truly, because honestly it’s just easier.

Sometimes bigger isn’t better. I hate to be the “prince Eric” who drives the boat into the newly crowned Ursula who has gone mad with power…

But if you already have an iPhone, there’s really no reason to need anything else.

Don’t sign your life away and swap your crown just for an iPad, it’s not worth it because you’re basically just purchasing a Dinglehopper when you already own a fork.

Don’t be deceived and think this device will help you comb your hair…it’s just a fork!


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