Where Did Facebook Go Wrong?


Where Did Facebook Go Wrong?

We all know exactly when the Star Wars franchise went wrong. Episode 1…

We all know when the ninja turtles franchise went downhill, after the 3rd movie

We also all know when Google went wrong. When they realized Facebook was conquering the web and they made the decision to create Google+….

But the question still remains, where did Facebook go wrong? How did such a great site cave in on itself so horribly? Why did it shut doors rather than open them? Why did it make us whisper rather than holler.

Why did it makes us feel like zoo animals?


Because we all felt watched.

During the dawn on the Internet, when AOL first began popularized, the hottest thing on the web was the chat room. A place where people would go to talk to absolute strangers. Somewhere along the line, Facebook came around and decided they didn’t want us to talk to strangers. Then Facebook decided who our close friends were.

So rather than choosing our own new friends, we were stuck under the great authorization Facebook with our small Facebook accounts, and naturally we all wanted more friends. But rather than making new ones it was almost is if you were going backwards in time, finding old friends, and more old friends. Until there was mo more friends from school to find.

So then we started adding our co-workers. This silenced us, made us behave a little well. But we weren’t running away until our parents all got accounts. That’s just when Facebook got weird.

It got too impersonal. Talking to strangers online is more comfortable than family and coworkers. That’s exactly where Facebook went wrong, not letting you “meet new people” thus keeping everyone stuck with who they already knew until there wasn’t anymore room to breathe.

So we all ran our separate directions.

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6 Responses to Where Did Facebook Go Wrong?

  1. Jim Cantwell says:

    Valid point, I used to like running about the web all nilly willy making new friends until we were told we couldnt do it anymore but here you and I are πŸ™‚

  2. Ian Moone says:

    It snitchs to the companies we work for, to the point where we cant write what we really think about them, well if we want to keep our jobs anyway. we have to sign away our rights to pay the rent 😦

  3. Really good analysis and I couldn’t agree more. I use FB, but it isn’t my favorite. I still like Twitter, because I meet new people (and guinea pigs).

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