Movie Review: The Avengers…

The Scarlet Numbers 5.8.12

Hey world.  It’s me Scarlet.

I’m in horrible mood today.  It’s been exactly  a week since the rhino attack and I’m getting sick of lying in this hospital bed.  At least I have my laptop.  It’s gotten a little bit easier being able to type in the full body cast.

I have to go.  The nurse wants me to help her carry something.

Be right back with my movie review….






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5 Responses to Movie Review: The Avengers…

  1. jeeprs creeprs says:

    Ok you lost me…so confused

  2. John Kirkby says:

    I don’t know what to make of your latest G+ post about ppp’s for girls only.
    Looks like a well baited trap for married Lemmings.

  3. metalmantis says:

    Hahaah. You tease!

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