The 10 Best Ideas of All Time

The Scarlet Numbers 5.12.12

Hello World.

I think it’s about time to do another top ten list….because I haven’t done one in about three hours.  So here’s The 10 Best Ideas of All Time… 

#1. Porn

What would we do without porn?  Men would be stuck with their wives and wives wouldn’t be able to sleep with random people occassionally for a FAT paycheck.  I think everyone is glad porn exists.  Let’s keep it that way.

#2. The Light Bulb

#3. The Vibrating Toothbrush

It’s like porn for women! AND you can brush your teeth with it!

#4. Heath Ledger Dying Right Before the Premier of The Dark Knoght

Whoever thought of this idea was a marketing genius!!!

#5. Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter

(Also died before the premier.)

#6. I Dunno LOL

Sorry, I’m running out of ideas.

#7. Mario with a Raccoon Tail 

It makes PERFECT sense! Mario having a raccoon tail and ears…now he can fly…

#8. Titanic 2: 

Perhaps James Cameron’s best film.  It’s too bad it went straight to video.

#9. The Wheel

(This includes Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time Series)

#10. Doritos Locos Taco from Taco Bell

The Best Invention of All Time

Have a good night everyone!  Try not to jerk off too much!



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14 Responses to The 10 Best Ideas of All Time

  1. interesting tags for the post.

  2. jymiely says:

    take the wheel??hahah!!!creepilly(?) funny! 🙂

  3. John Kirkby says:

    You’re Brilliant!

  4. unikorna says:

    :))) I don’t care much for porn, too much fuss. Hunting a man turns me on much more…
    The light bulb is kinda handy though :)).

  5. When i was in high school i wacked to porn everyday I was home, but now its the perfect sleeping pill have no idea why, just stare at it for 5minutes and I’m out.

  6. Oh wow totally forgot to mention the dorito taco thats fucking legit

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