10 Most Annoying People On Youtube

The Scarlet Numbers 5.12.12

First of all let me say that I’m not here to make fun of anyone.

Just kidding.

If I had a magic wand that could banish 10 faces off of the internet FOR-EV-VER here’s a list of the Top 10 Youtube Personalities I would IMMEDIATELY BANISH FOR-EV-VER.

#10. The “Amazing” atheist 

This guy is my favorite of the 10 because he’s actually somewhat intelligent.  Well…maybe that’s an overstatement.  Let’s just say he’s well spoken and often talks about things that are thought-provoking.  I cannot imagine the pressure it must be to have so many people listening to what you have to say…so I’ll cut this guy a little slack.  I think youtube got sick of him and started making his videos “not so visible” I don’t know…I really never paid close attention to whatever happened to him or if he’s still around.  Let’s just say if I had my magic wand, he would be the last of 10 to go.

#9. The Funny Asian Dude 

This guy has some funny skits every once and awhile.  He has the same kind of sense of humor like me what’s he’ll do silly, nonsensical things like talk to lamps.  However, he’s no Dave Chapelle and I’m tired of seeing his face on the internet.  Where’s my wand?  Waahhpshhh……be gone funny Asian Dude…thanks for the occasional giggle.

#8. Awesome kid who talks mad shit

I LOVE this kid.  He’s so funny to watch.  He always has something new and ridiculous to complain about whether it be “how his xbox isn’t working” or “how 50 cent has completely sold out.”  He actually made a video WITH 50 cent, which was hilarious.  This kid is youtube gold and doesn’t belong on this list at all. lol

#7. What the Buck 

This guy makes you want to take off your boxing gloves and shatter those fruity glasses and hope the glass shatters right in his eyes.  He’s one of those overly flamboyant gays that make all gays seem more like mosquitos than human beings.  This guy would be gone gone without a trace if I actually had a magic wand.

#6. Attention Whore

I’m not even going to mention this guy’s name because he doesn’t deserve any more promotion.  This is one of those people who just can’t get enough of themselves. Please just go away forever.  Please!!!!

#5. Leave Britney Alone Guy 

If this guy would have played his cards right he could have been an instant celebrity.  He had his 25 minutes of fame and screwed it all up with a bunch of dumb talk show performances and videos.  Thank fully we don’t hear much about it anymore.

#4.  Fred 

Has anyone ever played the game Doom 2?

This kid makes me wish I had a BFG or a plasma rifle.  I would pay good money to watch this kid’s guts splatter all over the wall.  Like good money.

#3. Onison 

Where’s my pitchfork?

Seriously…has anyone seen my pitchfork?  I need to use it immediately after one second after looking at this little fuckers face so I can tear apart my computer screen.  This little bitch is one of those overly opinionated pricks who “always thinks he’s right all the time”He  goes out of his way to shove his unwanted opinion down your throat.  Watching his videos makes you want to FIND YOUR PITCHFORK AND SHOVE IT DOWN HIS FUCKING THROAT.  Sorry…lol.  This guy needs to be removed from the internet more than child pornography.  That’s how passionately I hate this little bitch.  Seriously.

#2. Phillip DiFranco 


 Has anyone found my pitchfork yet?

I really really need to use it.  This guy won’t stop talking and he’s talks so fast….it kinda makes you want to find where ever you put your pitchfork and pretend this guy is a haystack for a couple of hours.  Have you ever seen the movie HOSTEL?  If I were to pay money to torture someone….WITH A PITCHFORK…this guy would be first on my list….

#1. Shane Dawson 



 Is there anyone that I missed?  I know there’s one guy who always stands in front of a giant wall that I can’t stand…but I couldn’t seem to remember his name.  If there’s anyone who needs to be added to this list….leave a comment below!

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7 Responses to 10 Most Annoying People On Youtube

  1. John Kirkby says:

    Fake videos that went viral. Recently there was the flour all over the living room one. Short animal ones….I watched one that had 6 million views titled something like ‘cat walks by farting’….30 seconds max…well you see a cat walking towards then past and away from the camera…as it gets near and away from the camera a farting sound obviously being done by a person’s mouth is what it is…a dubbed fart! But views count and viral means potential money maker. Oh and what about Rebecca Black(?)….”Friday”.

  2. Ed Lozano says:

    I agree with ALL of those…
    ‘specially the gnome!

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