8 Racist Things You Should Never Say in Front of Black People

8 Racist Things You Should Never Say in Front of Black People

#1. The NAACP is Racist

Don’t ever say the NAACP is Racist. This just pisses black people off. Black people can’t seem to comprehend that “an association for colored people” is ironically racist because they have no intention for the advancement for non-colored people. This ideology is basically judging people by the color of their skin rather than character. In other words, the ideology of the NAACP is the exact opposite of Dr. Martin Luther King, who wasn’t a racist unlike his predecessors.

 #2. Don’t ever point out that Dr. Martin Luther King was an unfaithful cheating bastard to his wife.

Trust me. Not even Martin Luther King’s wife took a Louisville Slugger to both of his headlights. She didn’t “carve her name into his leather seats.” She kisses his ass. Because he’s Martin Luther Fucking King.

You won’t be seeing him on Cheaters anytime soon.

#3. Don’t Ever Point out that Obama is more white than black.

Sure…his skin is black, but he acts white. If you were talking to him on the phone you’d probably think he had a smaller penis than you would if you were talking to him face to face.

#4. Don’t Ever Say That O.J. was Guilty as Sin.

We all know he stole sports memorabilia. It’s a touchy subject to blacks because  they can relate to his skin color. Just try not to mention O.J. is a sports memorabilia stealing murderer. Trust me, it pisses black people off.

#5. Don’t ever say, “20 Years Ago I’d

Have you upside down with a fork up your ass.”

It’s just not a funny punchline and you’ll be ending your career faster than Seinfeld.

#6. Don’t Ever Point out that people like Al Sharpton

“coincidently” only seem to be interested in black issues.

Trust me. No black will ever agree with you and for some reason they’ll think you’re a racist rather than seeing the blatant racism right before their eyes.

#7. Don’t ever say that “Rodney King was a Felon 

If you’re a great actor who loves to change the script in all the movies you make, I’d strongly suggest not going on rants about how “Rodney King” was a felon.  This will probably lead to you not getting casted for other movies…ahem…in the future.  Especially movies having to do with Avengers and becoming a big huge green uncontrollable beast.

#8. Don’t ever say “Nigga” if you’re a white English high school teacher.

I’m stronger against using the word nigger because it makes niggers think that it’s okay to day it.

It’s not.

What’s your opinion? Should niggers stop saying the word nigger?

I think everyone should stop saying it. I’ll quit as soon as Lil Wayne does.


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8 Responses to 8 Racist Things You Should Never Say in Front of Black People

  1. Bobby says:

    Yea, Nigger is an awful word, the funny thing is that every race has a negative identifier that just doesn’t have this impact.
    with less than 24 hours to go…what’s next?

  2. J.D.Hughes says:

    The word or phrase that cannot be said does not exist. Of course, you might get shot for saying it. Or worse, invited onto Oprah.

  3. Gary says:

    Using words like that show a complete lack of vocabulary and. a strong sense of ignorance.

  4. jkrlmtcgg says:

    gyqzykpls lacqe jrerzhb mnmn xxxgufvptrmkhpr

  5. terrellcwoods says:

    Let me tell you, when my father died and we had the memorial at the house ALL my out-of town relatives wanted to see O.J.’s house and where Nicole had been killed…I couldn’t believe it my father had just died and here was my mother ordering town-cars for a tour of the neighborhood. When I blurted out that “..well you know he killed her”, all hell broke loose. I was asked to leave…then told to leave. A very vivid memory getting kicked out of your own father’e home.

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