The 10 Best Trilogies of all Time

The Scarlet Numbers 5.20.12

Okay, well…enough talk about bad movies. Let’s talk about some good ones. Ones that weren’t made by David Fincher. Ones that don’t have Sequani Weaver. Let’s talk about some movies that don’t disrespect H.R. Giger’s wonderful artwork….

The Scarlet Numbers presents…


#10. meet the parents

Possibly one of the funniest trilogies ever. Every single one of these movies is hilarious. I don’t even like Ben Stiller and I thought these movies were funny.

#9. The Naked Gun

The. Funniest. Trilogy. Of. All. Time. If you don’t think these movies are funny you’re an old fart with no taste. We’re all going to miss Leslie Neilson dearly…an O.J. Simpson….oh the memories…..oh the joy! Why aren’t all movies like this! For some reason I feel obligated to mention Hot Shots Part Deux which I watched last night…unfortuately there was never a 3rd Hot Shots movie so it didn’t make this list. But I think this type of humor is hands down the best type of humor there is.

#8. The Lord of the Rings Trilogy

“One does not simply only make two Batman movies…”

Lord of the Rings is Peter Jackson’s best work since “Meet the Feebles.” It’s just classic. Better than the books. Just fantastic. Peter Jackson pretty much puts J.R.R. Tolkien to shame making the original books nothing compared to the glorious, brilliant, awesome movies. This is the type of movie that makes you want to burn your paperback books and buy more movie tickets.

Lord of the Rings is perfect.

#7. Austin Powers Trilogy

Before Mike Myers ruined his career with “The Cat in the Hat” and some other movie that’s so unnotable I can’t ever remember it’s name….Mike Myers created this brilliant masterpiece. Who needs to fight crime with a Naked Gun when you can have SHARKS WILL FRIGGIN LASERS ATTACHED TO THEIR HEADS!

This is possibly one of the funniest trilogies of all time.

#6. Hostel Trilogy

I really think Quentin Tarantino got way too much credit for these movies. I’ll rant about Tarantino another time because I love him and hate him at the same time. Anyway, Eli Roth deserves all the credit for this film. It’s hands down to the ground – sell your soul to Eli Roth awesome. (Okay maybe not that awesome.) But this movie is definitely the best torture trilogy out there. Unlike Saw, these people knew when to stop filming.

#5. Honey, I Shrunk the Kids Trilogy

All of these movies were good. If you disagree, your opinion has officially lost it’s value and become merely junk-status.

#4. Harry Potter Trilogy

A lot of people don’t know this, but J.K. Rowling actually only wrote the first 3 Harry Potter Books before Quentin Tarantino just came in and screwed up everything. There’s still a legal battle going of over Tarantino’s hijacking of what was only supposed to be a trilogy. I’ll get into more details about this later…

#3. Evil Dead Trilogy

Marvelous. I am unworthy of even mentioning such a great trilogy in this blog…

# 2. Indiana Jones

“Quit calling me Hans Solo…I’m better than that.”

Thank goodness Harrison what-his-face saved this career about Star Wars…the Indiana Jones is the best trilogy ever made. I’ve practically memorized all of the things this little kids says in Temple of Doom…everything he says is CLASSIC…

Dr. Jones! Dr. Jones!

No time for love…we’ve got company. Oh man….I love when directors actually direct a movie rather than just slapping their name over the title…

well….there’s one exception….

#1. Back to the Future
“Stay in the 80’s kid…your future is going to be a little shaky…”

Best trilogy of all time. Back to the Future 3 is actually so accurate they hit spot on exactly what the year 2012 would be like. I sure as hell love this flying skateboard that I got for Christmas…oh and I always leave the pockets hanging out of my jeans….it’s just the cool thing to do.

Wooo 661 Words! I’m on a roll today!

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12 Responses to The 10 Best Trilogies of all Time

  1. boomiebol says:

    Gotta say I agree with bout 3 or 4 movies 🙂

  2. Honey I shrunk the kids over Star Wars? Are you freaking kidding?

  3. Reblogged this on crazyweirdo and commented:
    I stopped blogging but didn’t stop reading.

  4. moarstuff says:

    I haven’t seen Hostel yet. Not sure I really want to. All the others I really like though.

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