Eclipse Hologram Fools Millions


Millions of early risers in Asia were “punked” on Monday as they stared at a hologram of an annular eclipse in the sky.

“We got them good.” a spokesperson from SpaceX said laughing, “There are millions of people that actually think they saw a real “ring of fire.”The hologram manipulated the sky making it look as if the moon was passing in front of the sun leaving only a golden ring around it edges.

“They got us good!” a person from China spoke on a condition of anonymity, “We totally got punked!”The hologram was visible to wide areas across China, Japan and elsewhere in the region before moving across the Pacific to be seen in parts of the western United States. Some astronomers are pissed about the ordeal. “There was an actual Eclipse that everyone missed because of this stupid hologram!” one man said.

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