The “B” Word

The Scarlet Numbers 5.21.12

Let’s talk about freedom of speech for a moment.

First of all, let me just say that I’m a woman and I don’t mind being called a “bitch.” It doesn’t offend me and honestly I kind of like it. In a way I think calling woman a bitch is an honorable act of dominance and power. Not just anyone can say bitch, its kind of like the “n” word its socially acceptable for some to say it and others “aren’t allowed to do it because they are the FCC’s little bitches.”

For example, you won’t ever see Catie Couric calling Sarah Palin “a stupid bitch.” That’s just not going to happen. It doesn’t work that way. Catie Couric would lose her job in 5 minutes and 35 seconds and it would be considered “kind of a big deal.” However if Lil Wayne called Sarah Palin a bitch, people would applaud and it would be perfectly acceptable. Why? Okay maybe one person is a gangster rapper and the other…well….no so much a hamster rapper. But they’re both human beings!!! It’s not right to force journalists to censor themselves! Why can’t we just speak our minds?

Why does the FCC censor the news (which old people watch) rather than the music (which young people listen to?) It’s not fair to the news. We’re not allowed to call Jennifer Lopez a stupid bitch. That just doesn’t “fly.”

Anyway, there’s a B word that I find extremely offensive…. “blogger.” I hate this word, it’s so degrading. How dare you call me anything but an investigative journalist! Don’t tell me that I need to be in Afganistan counting the bodies to know how many people died…I’ll read it online. I don’t need a plane ticket. There’s no need to put my shoes on.

I can cite sources, do research, and everything else a real investigative journalist can do from my couch…however an investigative journalist can’t say “Bitch” when he’s on air live from CNN. Therefore, I have more freedom of speech than this investigative journalist…and I am more likely to report to the world that Sarah Palin is a really stupid dumb bitch. Like really dumb. Career ending dumb.

So why on earth am I labeled a “blogger” when I tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth on WordPress but the “investigative journalist” is more respectable when he doesn’t tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth?

“Sarah Palin is a bitch! A stupid fucking bitch! With AIDS!”

Some people just can’t handle the truth.I’ve never liked the movie “A Few Good Men” because it doesn’t accurately describe the literal English definition of “a few” however, I like the idea that people can’t handle the truth. It’s so true. People can’t comprehend that one day their little cute sweet 5 year old is going to say the “F” word.

It’s going to happen. Deal with it. But isn’t it better for me to teach your kids rather than Lil Wayne who will teach you to “Smack a ho and fuck a bitch.” I am certainly too conservative to have such language. I’d say something like…

“politely backhand the prostitute and make love to the bitch ever so gently.”

The overall point I’m trying to make here is Sarah Palin is a bitch. You know it, it know it, and Catie Couric knows it. But it’s not fair that everyone is allowed to say it except for Catie Couric. That’s not right. Everyone should be allowed to say it.

The truth is I’m a journalist. Not a blogger, not a comedian, not a pornstar. (well not anymore.) If we consider to censor what our news anchors are telling us we’re not getting the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth….

“Sarah Palin is a Bitch.”

We’re getting half-assed media that doesn’t tell the whole story if we don’t tell the whole truth. That’s why the blogosphere is the best media there is. Because unlike CNN, MSNBC, FOX NEWS, etc..etc…I can deliver you instant news immediately without even having to put any clothes on…..


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7 Responses to The “B” Word

  1. John Kirkby says:

    You’re so right! Great graphics too (as usual)

  2. boomiebol says:

    Couldn’t stop laughing when I read this…

  3. Alex says:

    Somewhere. George Carlin is saying “Right on, Scarlet! Right friggin’ on,–you are now a bitcher not a blogger, so YEAH” .End quote.

  4. hofzy says:

    so bitchy…lol

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