Crappiness is a Warm Dump

“Screw love, all you need is a bullet proof vest.”

The Scarlet Numbers 5.23.12

As many of you know, I hate John Lennon. I think he’s talentless, ugly, wimpy, stupid, childish, egotistical, lame, a horrible vocalist, and a terrible song writer. He looks way too much like that guy from Oasis…

“Oh….my god I am so awesome. Words can’t explain describe how cool I am.”

Wrong douchebag. You’re about as cool as Dick Cheney. In fact, I take that back, Dick Cheney is cooler.

In the cool department, let’s just say Dick Cheney would be Lennon’s supervisor.

“Trust me, I know from experience….happiness is definately not a warm gun!”

Lennon wrote, “We all live in a yellow submarine” for fucks sake.

That’s just not cool. Unless you’re on acid.

When you’re on acid you fall in love with people like this.

Don’t get me wrong….I actually kinda like the Beatles. Well…..the Beatles were a good band as long as John Lennon wasn’t involved in any way. John Lennon destroyed possibly the best band on earth with his terrible, horrible, no good, very bad existence.

John Lennon was just “a monkey” on the back of the Beatles who held them back and made them SUCK. If the Beatles would have kicked his sorry ass out of the band, the Beatles would have probably become the best band ever.

But no. Instead that reward went to Metallica.

I try to imagine what the Beatles would have been like without John Lennon, but it’s almost impossible because he just screwed so much up. I realized there are actually a few Beatles songs that I actually like:

  1. Helter Skelter
  2. Black Bird
  3. Helter Skelter
  4. Tax Man
  5. Mean Mr. Mustard

I was trying to figure out what it was that all of these songs had in common. And then I realized….John Lennon didn’t write any of these songs. These are the great songs that the Beatles wrote while John sat on the sidelines while Yoko ate his pussy.

Just look at the Beatles recording their best song ever Helter Skelter.

John Lennon is just a sitting duck in the corner. Probably high on quack. He’s doing NOTHING and he’s probably thinking to himself, “Oh my god, this song friggin sucks” whilc Paul Mccartney is jamming away.

“Sit down bitch! I’m busy!”

This guy represents everything that I hate about douchebags. Someone needs to tell him to shave off those sideburns already. And he needs to tell that bitch to side down he’s obviously busy with something.

In the book of douchebags…John Lennon fills page one through two hundred I couldn’t “imagine” anyone else who was a bigger douche…..

Ugh….I don’t even feel like making this blog anymore because I have a headache…I’d rather much write about something I like rather than this crap..

so I’m going to get started on a new blog….maybe I’ll polish this one up a little later.


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6 Responses to Crappiness is a Warm Dump

  1. Anonymous says:

    There you go get it all out

  2. sansself says:

    You used “tubgirl” for a tag on this blog entry. You just became marriage material. I have weird standards.

  3. Ed Lozano says:

    I liked it. You vented and made me laugh, many times.

  4. Alex says:

    Dick Cheney is WAY cooler. He shot a lawyer while out hunting. That earned him some serious STREET CRED! And idea how much lawyers are hated?
    “lemonparty” as a Tag? I’m not sure what YOU mean buy that but I know what it means in certain circles in Japan!

  5. Roldan says:

    tracey Hi Gabrielle I was figuring that as I loved the Beatles, then you would too (we’re taste twins’ after all) I think I used to like Paul the most ealierr on, but maybe because he was my mum’s favourite I felt as if I had to find another but yes, it’s the whole band that I’m a fan of too! Sorry you couldn’t comment on my favourite word’ post (silly blog glitches). Your favourite words are lovely I particularly like luscious (sounds so rich and succulent) and cantelope (it’s such a sing-song kind of word). Food related words are A-OK by me (I love food!).

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