Luke…I am your Vagina



The Dark Side of the Internet

The Scarlet Numbers 5.24.12

So I made a blog about John Lennon a couple hours ago that I knew no one would read. I myself didn’t even read it because it sucked. Knowing this particular blog would be so horrible I decided to put some random misleading tags that might generate a couple extra hits from perverts on the internet. So I used the usual tags I always use:

  • shaved pussy
  • open vagina
  • wet teen
  • boobs
  • tubgirl

Anyway about fifteen minutes later….BOOM. My site got 25,000 views and everyone is sending me messages, “Where’s tubgirl?” I didn’t know tubgirl was so popular! Then the thought occured to me….some people probably don’t know who tubgirl is…

well sit down chilren…it’s time for a story….

Once upon a time there was a hair Japanese girl who put orange juice up her butt and then lied in a bathtub and well….

“Oh mother…do tell me the rest of this delightful story…”

Well…this hairy Japanese lady pushed as hard as she could and then all of the orange juice gently splattered out of her anus and all over her face. And there just so happened to be a cameraman there at the time to photograph the event.

“But mommy….why doesn’t this story have pictures?”

Well…because it’s disgusting and I don’t want to show you that. When you get a little bit older you can go onto a google search engine and type in “Tubgirl” and you can see for yourself. Now eat the rest of your fucking cheerios before I smack you .

And maybe when you’re a little bit older I can tell you about the story of the Lemon Party…or maybe even the Meatspin…..and if you eat your fucking cheerios like mommy told you to do, you’ll grow up to be a BIG boy.

And when you’re a big boy you can watch women violate themselves.

Grown boys are allowed to watch movies like

“Two Girls One Cup”

I sure can’t wait to grow up!


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8 Responses to Luke…I am your Vagina

  1. Ed Lozano says:

    That ia wickedly hilarious!
    …and you should not be allowed to babysit. 😀

  2. hofzy says:

    awesome story….i ❤ naughty moms..:P

  3. chadwickjones4 says:

    What happened to your G+ profile?

  4. chadwickjones4 says:

    What happened to your G+ profile? Sorry if this posted twice.

  5. John Kirkby says:

    Re: ‘I basically used Google translate to make a bunch of Arabic advertisements for my website.’
    That’s great if you really did that. Most of those countries need to have their females liberated big time. That in turn would help to eliminate support for the extremists and lessen the threat of terrorism. You may think of it as undermining their society…but actually it is about getting to a world of peaceful co-habitation without firing one shot.

  6. Andini says:

    I wouldn’t chagne anything about my spouse…we’re pretty good in the sack. I read blogs for about a year before I started my own. At first I thought I was reading because I liked to pry into strangers lives, but then I realized I liked reading blogs so much because I was reading people who had the same issues as I had and also some of them are pretty funny. I started blogging because I had some funny stories and to quiet all of the crazy in my head and it’s worked pretty well and I’ve even made some nice friends along the way.

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