I joined a pretty Pinteresting site today called Pinterest. However, five minutes after browsing this site I think I’m pretty unpinterested. I mean seriously this site is basically equivalent to reading one of those travel magazine you’ll find in someone’s guest bathroom when you’re taking a huge dump at someone else’s house.

Seriously look how simple minded these people are.  They remind me of monkeys.  Dumb monkeys.  “I love the colors…”  “So pretty…”  “In love”  how about you go kill yourselves?  Does that work out for you?  I’ll buy the gun, and the bullets, and I’ll mail it to you.  Just make sure the gun is inside of your mouth right when you pull the trigger.  Oh and make sure you log out of your pinterest account beforehand.  Because you know…it would be a distaster if someone else started “liking” things on your pinterest account.

Do these cups really deserve 29 comments? I can’t wait to read all the incredibly pinteresting things people have to say about these cups!

This site is essentially just a picture book.  The only words on the entire site are people just saying, “Oh my gosh, I love these shoes!” Or “That’s an awesome sweater!” – “Oh my goodness, look at that motherfucking couch!”

Look at this motherfucking bag. I think God himself just shit is pants.


Oh my god. I think I’m going to move to China and start being an activist for Communism.

These Cinnamon and Sugar Pull-Apart Bread sticks are everything that is wrong with this country.  We’ve become so thoughtless and stupid that the only things that pinterest us is fucking stupid websites full of a bunch of “cool looking pictures.”  Why are 415 people sitting around conversing about Cinnamon and Sugar Pull-Apart Bread.  Is this how stupid America has become?  I can just imagine all the people lounging around all day “liking” things on this Picturebook.  Pathetic. Seriously fucking pathetic.  Go vote for Romney you twats and go shove some Cinnamon and Sugar Pull-Apart Bread up your stretched out momie pussies.  This has to be some kind of conspiracy. People cannot be this stupid. I refuse to believe it.

Yep.  Definately a conspiracy.  This site is probably run by a Super-Pac or has some hidden Kock brother’s money running it behind closed doors.  This table was created for the specific purpose of keeping the masses more interested in stupid fucking tables than politics and the news.  I wouldn’t be suprised one bit if Sarah Palin was involved in this conspiracy in some kind of way.  There’s no possible way on earth people could be this stupid.

This is probably the leader of the secrect underground Pinterest society that is focused on one thing:  Keeping voters ineligble to vote, and keeping voters more informed about her stupid fucking outfit than presidential politics.  How much do you want to bet all of these 320 people who “liked” this are Repubicans and soccermoms who avooid politics and blindy follow whichever canidate their husbands are voting for.

I hate women much.  I wish I had a dick so I could smack it across all of these stupid bitches faces and leave a hudge mushroom stamp on their foreheads.

Oh my god becky look at that sweater.  It is so big.

“I like big sweaters and I cannot lie…you other sweaters can’t deny…”

I have a good idea. I should make a blog about a sweater. That would be pinteresting.

I really wish I had a loaded gun right now so I could shoot my face off.

Here’s my theory.  America is filled with two types of people:

1.)  Rich Republican Men with Dumb Republican Wives

2.) Poor Democrat Men who can’t afford to get married.

Am I right?

Look at this fucking shoe.

 Oh my God.  That guy can paint.

These curtains make my pussy wet. (I’m not joking.)

This bitch needs to learn how to not dress like that.

Holy Christ Cheese….it’s a fucking blue chair.

Finally a face palm.

I wish I had a machine gun.

Okay I’m going to go kill myself now.

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8 Responses to UnPinterested

  1. Alex says:

    But Pinterest, It’s here, it’s hip, it’s now, it’s “what’s Happening?” It’s how the Groovy people get their groove on(except Stella). It is like the Grand Poobah of hip sites? Why , oh Why do you not like it? Could it be for the same reason I despise it?

    • If you haven’t noticed already I’m kind of a tomboy. I grew up in a family of brothers and I never really ever had any girl friends because girls all hate me for some reason. I think it’s because I cuss too much.

    • Correction: But Scarletnumbers, It’s here, it’s hip, it’s now, it’s “what’s Happening?” It’s how the Groovy people get their groove on.

  2. sansself says:

    That accurately and perfectly sums up everything I think about all of modern culture. All of these picture-sharing sites make me cry for the stupidity and vanity of humanity. I’m glad there’s at least original content out there instead of re-blogging the same tired picture over and over again… but man, why can’t it be actually (p)interesting in some way?

  3. D says:

    i know what you mean. that is exactly how i feel about pinterest…uniterest.

  4. FishyGov says:

    I think those unpinteresting things you pointed out are interesting to those who’ve reached for potato chips and eaten leaded paint chips instead or those who thought they were breathing oxygen but were really deep breathing CO2.

    Where on Pinterest are the math proofs, the string theory or the who or why am I and where did I come from explanations? Pinterest is the quintessential example of just how shallow the human gene pool has become.

    Pinterest is the equivalent of intellectual thumb twiddling.

  5. FishyGov says:

    Oh, and don’t think I didn’t notice that you just used the word “Pinterest” to drive more traffic to your site Scar.

  6. Kristina Perczyk Photography says:

    Tottaly agreed when it comes to Pinterest-total waste of time,,,, no need to kill yourself over a crap lol

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