Seven Fairly New Horror Movies You Probably Missed & Why You Should Watch Them

Seven Horror Movies You Probably Missed And Why You Should Watch Them

Hello World.

Do you like scary movies? I love them. They’re so many directions a horror movie can go…

I’ve been requested to make a list of newer horror flicks….so here’s some “newer” horror films that I’ve recently appreciated.

I won’t reveal any spoilers in case you’re interested in checking any one them out…

#1. Paranormal Activity

I don’t think theres any debate that the scariest movies are always psychological horror movies. They are the ones that creep under your skin after they’re over and give you an eerie feeling long after the movie is finished.

It’s hard to write about this one…because I absolutely loved the first one but the sequel was horrible….however….I had to watch this one two or three times and I wasn’t able to shut up about it for about a week. If I could compare this movie to anything I’d say it’s in the “realm” of the original Blair Witch Project. However, this one doesn’t have shaking cameras, or snotty nosed monologues. Paranormal Activity is more sophisticated and takes you into the lives of a newly wed couple who can’t ever seem to turn their video camera off. After hearing things go bump in the night, lots a discussion about demonology and even from brief ouija board action…fear…actual fear that you can feel….begins lurking in the darkness…

I’d give this movie a 10/10 due to creativity. The sequel was a 1/10. And I’m not interested in seeing the 3rd.

2. Orphan
Someone told me this movie was a classic. That person was me.

This is one of those movies that looks absolutely lame and you really have no intention to ever see it. However, you’re wrong. Dead wrong. Trust me, you may not think you want to see this movie, but you actually do because it has one of the more brilliantly crafted plot twists in all movie history. The movie isn’t “scary” but it’s worth watching twice. It’s one of those “types” like The Sixth Sense that will make you want to watch it again after the final plot twist.

I give the movie a 7/10. Oh and this movie will make you think twice about adoption.

3. My Bloody Valentine-

This movie is right up the alley of any Friday the 13th movie.It might as well be considered another Friday the 13th sequel because the killer acts like Jason, kills like Jason, in fact…the only real difference between the two is this guy has a scarier mask.Expect a lot of screaming teenagers running for their lives and not getting far. You won’t have to worry about the killer saying anything corny or cheesy because he never talks. Every kill in this movie is noteworthy. I was pleasantly surprised with this one and I’m hoping for a sequel.

I give this a 5/10. This movie certainly wasn’t a bit “scary” but that’s not why you’re watching it. You watch these movies because it’s fun to see how the people die.

There’s nothing really mind blowing about the movie, but it certainly was entertaining. Worth watching once.

A Nightmare on Elm Street

Be sure to watch this one on Blu ray on an HD tv. Anything else won’t do this film any justice.

Best Freddy movie ever is an understatement. This brings Freddy to a whole new level. The tone of this new film is more mature, less corny, and more psychological. This is a reboot of the franchise and they’re completely started over from the very beginning with the classic tale of a creepy man named Freddy who is a little too fond of playing with little children. Forget everything that you know about Freddy previously and meet the new one…the man who was burned after being accused of molesting a child and now he’s back…with a more sinister, bitter attitude and a face that looks identical to an actual burn victim.

My only complaint about this movie is it’s geared toward the wimpy “spiderman/twilight” emo crowd with kids with dumb haircuts and tight faggy pants. These kids just don’t simply die soon enough. But when Freddy finally kills them all you’ll be cheering they never survived. Except you know…the one guy and the girl like all horror movies…

Absolute 10/10 worth watching once a year around Halloween for the rest of your life.

5.The Cell-

This one is quite older than the others but it didn’t quite fit in with my older 80’s movie reviews. When was this 1997? I’ll look it up later.

I actually don’t recommend watching this one, twice…or even once so font blame me for recommending this to you …I am clearly giving this movie a 0/10.

If Jeniffer Lopez didn’t star in this movie I’d probably give it a 3/10. However…

it you haven’t seen THIS scene….watch it one YouTube. Yep, it’s the infamous horse scene, quite possibly one of the most disturbingly awesome cinematic scenes ever created. And brilliantly brilliant done. This scene was the only reason I wanted to point this “movie” out. I feel like it doesn’t even deserve to be called a movie after Gili or whatever that ben allfleck/jlo crap was


15/10 and no this isn’t a typo. I give this movie a 15/10. If you’re gonna watch one movie on this list watch this one.
This one is so good I feel like I am unworthy of describing it.

In fact…I’m not going to reveal any spoilers but I suggest you stop reading this right now and download it, or watch it on Netflix, whatever you have to do just watch this movie immediately

I must warn you that I have recommended this to several people who did not like it…in fact..I’ve never known anyone else who enjoyed this movie but me.

The movie begins a slowly well filmed sex scene in the shower with brilliant cinematography, everything is in slow motion. Like guy is giving it to his wife like just conquering her…

Meanwhile their baby crawls out of his crib and crawls across the floor…

So his guy continues just ramming his wife and everything is still in slow motion…as if this was like a dream.

Anyway, the baby crawls up onto a table and jumps out of the 2nd story windows and (still in slow motion) falls to his death in the snow.

The Rest of the movie deals with the psychological trauma between the couple as they mourn the loss of their son.

This a very intellectual movie.The husband is a therapist feels caught in the middle of trying to be a good husband and trying to be a good therapist while his wife is suffering from a complete nervous breakdown.

The Traumatized wife is a writer with a very interesting chilling perspective about human nature and the movie is filled with deep, meaningful, universal questions about the human condition, perhaps more importantly, the difference between man and woman and monsters….

Thanks for reading! That was fun!

about a therapist and his wife as they struggle with the psychological pain after losing their child.

The beg
SEMI-SPOILER ALERT (No actual spoilers but I don’t want to ruin the movie for you so stop reading if you plan on watching it)

If you plan on watching it stop now

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5 Responses to Seven Fairly New Horror Movies You Probably Missed & Why You Should Watch Them

  1. John Kirkby says:

    Good reviews. I can’t see myself watching Paranormal Activity, Blair Witch Project, etc. But I’m an old Atheist so to me they’re as believable as Santa Claus. But I’ll take your word for them. Horror does unfortunately exist in Real Life like what happened last Friday and Saturday in Syria…110 civilians murdered least 50 were 10 years old or less.

  2. boomiebol says:

    I have only seen about 2 or 3- nightmare on elm street, orphan( creepy), and the cell( worst movie ever) didn’t get it, don’t remember it…yuck! Not a fan of horror movies but thinking about checking out Antichrist…

  3. i have seen the first two and i agree they are good… !! would try to download others too

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