Is it “okay” to be fat?

The Scarlet Numbers 6.01.12

Hello world.

I got in an argument with some people on Google plus the other day abou fat people.  Someone posted a quote that said, “Never Tell A Girl She’s Fat.”  And I commented and said, “That’s stupid.”  I continued, “People should be themselves, if someone is fat they shouldn’t be in denial about it.”  My overall message was, “It’s okay to be fat”  and these people, the ones who were “making fat a bad thing” were the ones it made it so hard on women with self-esteem issues.  Needless to say, I was outnumberd by people who disagreed with me. As always.

Is being “fat” cool?

I absolutely cannot imagine being overweight, so it’s hard for me to put myself in these people’s shoes.  However, I do think that people have the right to lives their lives how they want to.  I smoke cigarettes.  Isn’t that just as bad if not worse than cramming food down my throat every waking hour? I’m unsure what position I take on if or it not fat people should be made fun of….I basically have two different views…

  • 1.  Fat people are just like everyone else and we shouldn’t make fun of them.
  • 2. Call the ZOoo!!!

Do fat people even have feelings or have they already eaten them?

Part of me thinks, you know, maybe fat people get what they deserve.  It’s not like Ronald McDonald is forcing food down their throat.  Why can’t fat people just be like everyone else and take care of yourself.  We all brush our teeth, and take showers, and eaten when we’re hungry…but weren’t we supposed to learn somewhere along the way when to stop eating. Why don’t our bodies reject unnessasary amounts of food?

Is being fat childish?

Who raised these people who eat tacos that are five times the size of themselves?  Aren’t they being childish?  We tell our children not to eat too many sweets not because we don’t like for them to enjoy their lives, but because funk food isn’t good for your body…and this should be obvious….but why am I to even speak about this.  I smoke a pack of cigarettes a day….I’m the last people who should be lecturing anyone about heatlh.  What’s your opinion?  Are these people childish, or are they just enjoying their lives a little?  Or perhaps a lot.

Again, I really don’t think anyone has the authority to say “What’s funny and what’s not funny” but is this necassary?  I don’t get made fun of for smoking cigarettes…perhaps I should.  Or maybe I shouldn’t, maybe people should just quit being complete insensitive jerkbags and stop. It’s not funny guys, seriously stop laughing.  I’m being serious….okay fine, it’s funny. I give up.

“It’s time for  your Big Maaacc!!!!”

Nobody is forcing you to be fat all you have to do is stop eating.

Again, this sounds simple to say – but I can’t seem to stop smoking, so who I am to judge?  Everyone is different and we all have our own reasoning for doing things.

Maybe someone actually is shoving food down their throat!

I think that “image” is a really interesting issue that affects all of us.  Let’s make Micheal Moore for example.  He’s a good filmaker in my opinon.  Why is he good? Because so many people hate him.  Whinston Churchill once said, “You have enemies? Good.  That means you stood up for something in your life.”

Does the same thing apply to junk food?  Are they simply just standing up for their right to eat?

The Beastie Boys taught us how to “fight for our right to party.”  Why not fight for the right to be fat?  If the American idea of “freedom” is being able to do what you want and accept your own consequences for your own actions, why don’t others just give it a rest and stop putting billboards up that say “Save the whales!” It’s completely disrespectuful, distasteful, rude, and friggin hilarious.

Should peanut-butter and jelly time

be all the time?

Obesity has become a really big problem, Globally 1 billion people are over weight and 300 million of them are considered obese. and out of that 300 million 300,000 of them will die that year. When are we going to start caring about each other and banning fat people from society itself? Maybe a hard smack on their chubby wrists would motivate them to get their act together.

What do you think?

Are these people just “being fat” to be cool?

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5 Responses to Is it “okay” to be fat?

  1. FishyGov says:

    The first image is a lovely photo of a lovely 1%er pretending to be one of the 99%ers. Give Bloomberg a bear hug and a big wet kiss Mikey. Oh, you’re so cute with stringy cheese hanging from your chin.

  2. jenn M says:

    I think people should stay out of our bedrooms, and our fridges. If it is impacting children, and children are obese, then that becomes a parenting issue. I don’t know what the answer is for that. Causing life threatening illnesses in your children is abusive. I look back to my parents that each smoked 2 packs of cigarettes a day when I was growing up. My sister has severe Asthma, and I swear the first time I smoked I didn’t even cough. I think the line has to be drawn when it affect the lives of people you are responsible to care for. If Chad the frog wants to sit on his lily pad and stuff his frog face full of flies all day then so be it! That’s his choice, he won’t have a good choice of lily pads after awhile.

    • Chad the frog! LOL! I have a feeling I’m going to be calling him that for a while! Thanks for reading! I’m still unsure how I feel overall about this issue. I posted in the “Rants and Raves” Section of the Forum an intresting news article about New York banning large soda drinks. That seems too “govermenty” for me lol

      • jeeprs creeprs says:

        There are several reasons people are overweight.

        1. Poor self control
        2. Endocrine imbalance.
        3. A form of escape from depression
        4. Poor parenting. Yeah ..sad but true .

        So many more reasons I can’t name.them all.

        But it’s absolutely bullshit to make fun of
        anyone’s disability or mental codition.

        I mean if you must then just keep it to yourself or at least share it somewhere you won’t be judged for your opinion….like scarlets

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