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Six Shows I Watch Almost Everyday Pt. 2

The Scarlet Numbers 6.30.12 Well…well…well…June is almost over.  The first blog that I made this month was about TV and I’ve realized that I’ve actually been watching a lot of television lately.  Sooo… here’s six shows that I’ve been watching on … Continue reading

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Top 10 #RepublicanMovies

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7 Cult Classics That I Haven’t Seen

The Scarlet Numbers 6.30.12 Hello world.  Let’s talk about some cult classic films.  Here’s a short list of movies that I’m not crazy about.  Some of them I’ve never seen others I’ve tried to watch and just get extremely bored. … Continue reading

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10 Female Lead Singers & Their Vaginas

The Scarlet Numbers 6.30.12 Female lead singers suck. There are few exceptions.  Micheal Jackson was a pretty good one.  I also kinda like Blondie.  I’ve been asked several times to join a band by a bunch of loser guys who … Continue reading

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How To Be A Douchebag

The Scarlet Numbers 6.29.12  Have you ever wondered how to be a total douche?  Well you’ve come to the right place!  Today I’m going to teach you simple tips to being a complete douche. Tip #1. Do a Lumbar Roll   First … Continue reading

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Protected: Knuckle Sandwhich

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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Supreme Court Fails To Demolish Healthcare

The Scarlet Numbers 6.28.12 The Supreme Court realized this morning they have “absolutely no idea” how to operate a “wrecking-ball-machine-thingy” and upheld the controversial Affordable healthcare Act rather than demolishing it into the ground.  “Those wrecking ball thingies are harder … Continue reading

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