Top 10 PC Games of the 90’s

The Scarlet Numbers 6.5.12

Hello world.  Since E3 is just around the corner, I thought I’d start talking about some classic video games.  I’m not really a fan of video games these days.  In fact, I really don’t play video games anymore.  IF I were to into anything right now, I’d be balls deep in Diablo 3 and this blog wouldn’t exist because…well…I’d be obsessed.

“Whoooaaa….I’m totally balls deep in this wave man!”

Looong loooong ago in the land of the 90’s, games weren’t usually as time-consuming.  Let’s just say kids were never “balls deep” playing California Games.  These days kids will spend half of their childhood playing World of Warcraft.

This kid might not look like a badass….but he is!  

First of all….I LOVED World of Warcraft.  It was the BEST game ever in my opinion because you didn’t just have to put it the right way…you could play it your own way.  When I played Warcraft, ALL I EVER DID was “gank” people.  (In other words I’d just run around and kill people all day.)  I was that person who would come around and RUIN everyone’s day and make everyone have to start over on their quests. However, once fewer people were playing the game…there were fewer people to kill.  So eventually World of Warcraft got boring for me….

Anyway….if I had a kid….before I’d let him or her play ANYTHING…I’d force them to play these classic games…so here are:



This game was great.  It was simple, it was easy, and it was funny!  When I first starting learning how to make video games, making a simple game like this really taught me a lot about the necessary mechanics of a video game.

#9: Rollercoaster Tycoon 

 This game was so much fun!  It was basically Sim City with Rollercoasters.  I spent so many hours designing all different types of rollercoasters, hiring mechanics, building gift shops, hiring groundskeepers to clean up trash….this game was just all together awesome. I would love to play it again someday…

Rollercoaster Tycoon.  Worthy of my poon.

#8: Sim Ant 

Here’s another classic.  It would be soooo cool if an online version of this game were re-released.  Basically you just start off as a small little ant colony and you have to build your empire until you’re conquered an entire yard and even INSIDE A HOUSE.

“You’ve been a bad little boy!  Time to sit in the sink with all the ants!!!”

Basically, when you start this game you soon realize that you’re not the only ant colony on the block.  So this game is essentially a non-stop ant war.  The only way to defeat a colony is to find their queen bee and kill her.

If this game were online it would be more popular than Diablo 3.

If this game were online I could play it as much as I played World of Warcraft.  It would be so much fun making the interiors for all the anthills and hiding your queen bee somewhere within the maze.  Maybe….just maybe Will Wright will see this blog and give us all what we need…..SIM ANT ONLINE!



#7.  Sam and Max  

Probably my favorite type of PC games are “point and click” adventure games.  And Lucasarts was responsible for all of the classics.  Unfortunately, these games eventually “weren’t profitable enough” to continue making.

Just looking at all of these pictures from this game makes me want to play it again immediately!  It was so much fun!  If you’ve never played point and click adventure games, you basically just walk around environments and pick up different objects and use those objects in other places to progress the storyline.

When you play the game for the first time, you’re not going to know what to do.  So you continue going from place to place trying to figure out what does where.  I cannot exactly remember what the plot was…but for some reason you had to go on top of this giant ball of twine…

Which would take you here.  And juuuuuust over there to the left there’s this magician who can bend things will his mind.  So you’ll hand him like every item in the game hoping that he’ll be able to bend something.

And he continuously says, “Are you mad, I can’t bend that!”

The best thing about these games is the voice acting.  They are just filled with tons of hilarious lines that you just want to repeat over and over.

The story lines are great too.  It feels soooo good hwen you’ve finally solved some kind of puzzle and you’re finally able to play some Gator Golf…

“Where did all the awesome point and click adventure games go?”

It’s a shame they stopped making them.  Let’s look at a few more…

#6.  King’s Quest  

There were so many of these games.  These games were made by a company called “Sierra” and all of them are classic.  I played just about all of these games and I can’t remember which ones are the best.  They’re all good.

I want to play this game so much right now!  Oh the memories!  Oh the joy!

#5. The Secret of Monkey Island 

Here’s another classic point and click adventure game by Lucasarts.  These games are so fun and filled with so many hours of gameplay.  I could go on forever about these games, but I know it’s already getting a little boring, so I’ll move on.

#4. Day of the Tentacle 

THIS game right here is the best point and click adventure game ever created.  It’s another Lucasarts game.  Every line in this game is hilarious and this game is as good as it gets when it comes to point and click adventure games.

So why did they stop making these awesome games?


Something happened to the gaming industry once Id Software stopped making Commander Keen and started maturing as a video game company and they created the game that started it all….

#3. Wolfienstein

 This game changed everything.  It was ahead of it’s time grahic-wise, it was violent, and you could KILL HILTER in the very end!  It was awesome!  Id Sortware actually remade this game not too long ago and the remake was GREAT.  I ignored it on store shelves for about a year hoping to wait for it’s price to go down, but the price never seemed to budge, so I finally coughed up the cash and gave Id Software their well-deserved money.

Id Software is by far the best gaming company in the history of all gaming.  They have created waaaay too many good games to even list on a Top 10 but I’ll definitely need to game a blog just for Id in the future.


Here’s another one of Id’s Classics.  This was the first game ever to have the capability to be played online which we all know has completely changed the face of the way we play games.  But there’s one game, that was in between Wolfeinstein and Quake that is definitely Id’s magnum opus…


I pity the fool who hasn’t played Doom!  This game was AWESOME!  It took the first person shooter to places that only existed in our imaginations.  Thanks to this game, when we all make it to Hell we’ll know exactly where to find all the secret ammo to survive against the Imps, the Pink Bulls….oh man….I’m going to have to make of whole new blog to describe how cool Doom was….I simply can’t do it now because I don’t have enough time.

So stay tuned for the Id Software blog, where I will complain endlessly about how awesome DOOM 2 was and why Id Software NEEDS to remake it.


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9 Responses to Top 10 PC Games of the 90’s

  1. All awesome games, however, coming from the UK, where Soccer is king, the number game of the 1990’S (and through this century also) would have to be Championship Manager (later Football manager) The 97/98 version of the game was possibly the best ever. Addictive was not the word for it.

    Great post, I haven’t played all of the games, but the majority of them, and they were all indeed legendary in their own way.

  2. Ian Moone says:

    Doom and Quake were awesome, but did quake lose its way in the end. But were is half life 1 still cowering in the shadows of quakes awesomeness? 🙂

  3. hofzy says:

    i like doom soo much but u forgot duke nuke 3d its the best game …..:)))

  4. twizzlefiles says:

    Sam & Max had a video game?? I had no idea. I LOVED the TV series (The Adventures of Sam & Max: Freelance Police), it was brilliant. I think maybe it wasn’t around long because it was on Saturday morning, at least where I live, and kids just didn’t get it. It should have been late night after the bar closed, lol. Other than Doom I don’t remember gaming much in the 90’s, maybe because I was too busy changing diapers or trying to sleep.

  5. fringewalk says:

    haha, day of the tentacle – good times! Zelda! SSX Tricky 😉 Thanks scarlet ^_^

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