The Vagina Monoblogs #1

The Scarlet Numbers 6.9.12

Sarah Palin looked hot today.  Smoking hot.  Sizzling.  Totally bangable.  Yum.

And for once in the past decade, she was actually making a little bit of sense.  She talked about one of my heroes….Matt Drudge who she described as a “lowly little store clerk in a lowly little apartment who broke one of the biggest media stories of the decade.”  She was referring to the “Bill Clinton Monica Lewinsky” fiasco.

Let’s get one thing straight.  Matt Drudged is a biased, ignorant, idiot who only cares about the Right-Wing-Agenda and will shed anything and everything that will make the Democratic Party in a bad light. However, he’s a good journalist because he puts unique verifiable stories out there that other media outlets won’t touch.

Sarah Palin talked about how “major old media” which definitely suffers from a “democrat-media-complex” REFUSED to cover Drudge’s stories about Cigars, Coat-stains, and yeah….other gross stuff that Monica Lewinsky is into.  Palin PRAISED Drudge for writing even though he was a “nobody from nowhere without a degree…or a pedigree”  and accused the “liberal media” of being anti-everything from “mother-hood to apple pie.”

She accused the media of being “thought-police” who are insistent on delivering “liberal” news.  However, every-breath she takes, every move she makes, every single day every time she prays…SHE’S doing EXACTLY what these “thought-police” are doing….promoting HER OWN AGENDA.  Matt Drudge wasn’t “unshackled and free from a 1984-like mind-controlling media.”  He simply reported a story that made a Democrat President look really really really bad.

And he did it because he didn’t like Bill Clinton.

Just like Sarah Palin doesn’t watch you to watch the news unless it’s on FOX…because she’s trying to promote her own 1984-like agenda.  So take your pill, sit down and watch Bill O’reilly and shut the fuck up.  Pray and vote republican.  Amen.

Sarah Palin thinks that Matt Drudge “Predicted the Future” by saying we have no entered an age where anyone and everyone can report the news. However, this wasn’t because of Matt Drudge, this is just becoming the infrastructure of news itself with our technologies and internet becoming what they should have been all along.

Today’s Scarlet Number goes out to Matt Drudge…even though most of the news on his site is pretty anti-liberal, he has created a website and a community that I can only dream of.  I can only WISH the Scarlet Numbers will become a website like his.  I just need to continue thinking about things to write, staying informed, and more motivated each day to reach a larger and larger audience.

And I can only do it with the help of my own audience.

The only difference between Matt Drudge and me is he has a bigger audience.  


So if you enjoy The Scarlet Numbers, please take a look at these numbers…only YOU can make them bigger.  So you if like my blog ..tell a friend.  Tell your wife, your grandma, maybe even your dog.

Together we can make a difference.


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12 Responses to The Vagina Monoblogs #1

  1. FishyGov says:

    If you want to grow, don’t blog alone.

  2. extremelyavg says:

    This was another fine piece. I think I’d put it in my top ten favorites. I also wanted to give you high marks for the quantity of words (and quality). Since you referenced Stephen King, and his word count, may I assume you’ve read “On Writing”? I just read it last week and loved it.

    • Yes, I have read in writing. In fact I briefly wrote about it in a blog called, “A Case of the Monday’s” Stephen King has a 2,000 word a day quota, I try to write 4,000 words a day minium.

  3. extremelyavg says:

    It isn’t necessary to have other bloggers regularly contribute content. I have a friend who started blogging the same time I did and he has built into a site getting 20K per day. Not the same as Matt Drudge, but he is only two years old and it is a very narrow niche. I think you are doing great.

  4. I think you need to use spell check more often!

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