Keeping Up With The Kloutashians Pt. 2


I’m weird. Sometimes I pick my nose when no one’s looking. I’m afraid of my own reflection. I’m agoraphobic. I smoke too much.


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22 Responses to Keeping Up With The Kloutashians Pt. 2

  1. Anonymous says:

    😦 someone needs a hug. I like the picture btw

  2. Poor Scarlet! I too often feel dissociated with the world around me. I always say, if it wasn’t for my wife and kids I would be a complete recluse. Spending my whole day watching horror movies, writing and drinking far too much coffee than is good for me. I’d probably smoke too.

  3. Anonymous says:

    😦 someone needs a hug. I like the pic btw

  4. Anonymous says:

    fucking comment thingy is fucked up, lol

  5. Bouf says:

    Be happy..the internet loves you…or at least we do X

  6. FishyGov says:

    I’m gay too. Actually I’m a male lesbian. My preferences are Lipsticks and Tomboys (Blue Jean Femme). I favor the Tomboys over the Lipsticks because we speak the same language, but the Lipsticks are oh so HOT. Then again, what do you do with a Lipstick after you’ve exhausted your supply of lube gel or there’s no blood rushing to any interesting places?

    One of my greatest regrets is that I never learned to speak female. Oh no wait, if I did speak female I might have to spend two hours talking about nail polish or tampons.

  7. FishyGov says:

    What are you petting there Scarlet? Did you get a Tabby? Strange place for a cat to curl up.

  8. jeeprs creeprs says:

    ….and what else?

    You know, that I know, that you know that I know….

    You know?

    You don’t need a hug…you need someone to drag your ass kicking and screaming out into the world to interact until you get past the weird feeling that everyone is staring at you. Besides So fuking what if they are…you don’t care what they think anyway. Give’m the bird!

    Being a curmudgeon and a hermit only gets worse the more you do it. Put them dark shades on and go hang out by the pool with your ipod on…ignore the world from the outside.

    • I feel like people will judge me. Because I don’t have a job and I just sit around all day. Everyone in this building is old and has nothing better to do than gossip.

      • jeeprs creeprs says:

        Your wrong. That’s you thinking about some Crap that has 0 impact on your life.

        Nobody but the people you tell know what you do. Besides everyone is judged for something…for being lazy, rich, poor, attractive, ugly, thin, fat, white, black…you name it and someone has a reason to judge.

        Tell the thought in your head to fuck off, it’s your conscience fuking with you..guilt over nothing. So what if you don’t work. If that bothers you that much go donate time somewhere. You’ll find out people aren’t all bad. Be glad you’re not on the street having to turn tricks for a cheeseburger.

        You know what , fuck that we can trade places, you come here and figure out how to keep your kid off drugs, pay rent that is 3k make car payments, deal with a fucked up neighbor who called your landlord because your kid was seen smoking…oh my he must be a criminal. Have to move 3miles from school when you were a block away. Pay higher rent give every dime you have for deposit to stay in a neighborhood that is meets your expectations. And be Fuxken laid off…unemployed. yeah lets do this you’ll find purpose and i’ll have a vacation…its life
        It is what It happy and everyone else can Fuxk off if they dont like the way you live or what you do or what you look like.

        And get your ass on a schedule with a to do list with …normal hours.

  9. Ateet says:

    At this moment I think I would like to work with a Hematologist. I have been deianlg with DVT issues of my own lately, and trying to get steady INR levels, and during all of this I have become really interested in blood. A hematologist diagnoses and treats disorders of the blood and blood-forming organs. I would also like to work in another specialty, reconstructive. I think that rebuilding a part of someones body is absolutely amazing! Not only can it help boost self esteem, but improve quality of life as well. Helping people become healthy, happy, and functioning would be such a rewarding career.I think that working with an oncologist would at the very bottom of my list. An oncologist diagnoses and treats tumors, both benign and malignant. Telling someone that they have cancer and knowing everything that comes with that diagnoses would be so hard for me to be a part of. I care about people very much and I really am very empathetic, so it would take a huge toll on me and every aspect of my life. I would rather help people feel better and know that they will be getting better for sure, in oncology you don’t always have that.

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