It’s Snot Funny pt. 2/2

The Scarlet Number 6.15.12

Hello world.  I watched an incredibly inspiring documentary the other day called, “Heckler.” Click here to watch the trailer.  The movie was made in 2007 and basically is a movie documenting the actor Jamie Kennedy trying to beat a dead horse and convince everyone that “Son of the Mask” was a good movie.

“Son of the Mask was a great movie…”

I’m sure that Jamie Kennedy feels this way is because he was IN the movie.  Had he been on the other side of the spectrum he’d be thinking to himself….

“Where the f*** is Jim Carrey!” 

The documentary “Heckler” is about critics.  It’s basically two hours worth of criticizing “bloggers” and other people and trying to put them down in every way possible because they are “part of the audience” and not “part of the show.”

However, I disagree with Jamie Kennedy’s main notion that the Heckler or the online blogger ruins everything.  In fact, the MAIN thing this documentary “Heckler” missed was Jamie Kennedy’s funniest moment of all time which included a Heckler…

Watch this video 

  I was SO suprised that this clip wasn’t in the movie because this is just plain HILARIOUS…Jamie Kennedy just RIPS on this girl soooo bad and it’s just classic.  I’ve watched this video like over a hundred times, it’s so funny.

 After watching this movie “Heckler” I felt like a TOTAL bitch because Son of the Mask actually made #8 in my blog  “15 Movies That Should Never Have Had Sequels.”  I’ve never actually even seen this movie.  Who am I to criticize a movie that I haven’t even seen?  I kind of actually want to take the time to watch this movie now and see what it’s all about…


I feel bad for Jamie Kennedy because he doesn’t seem to realize that no one really gives a sh*t about this movie ONLY BECAUSE  JIM CARREY ISN’T IN IT.  The reason people hate “Son of the Mask” is because it’s LACKING what made us love the first film…not a green face…just Jim.


Imagine what it would be like if George Lucas got “Carried” away and decided to make a Star Wars film without Harrison Ford? SURELY such a thing would never happen but it would SURELY FAIL because SURELY Harrison Ford had a BIG impact on Star War’s success….amiright Shirley?

“Star Wars without Harrison Ford would surely be a Temple of Doom.”

Poor George Lucas.  I feel so bad for this guy.  All he wants to do is make people happy and he’s just criticized over and over.  It seems like the more things that he does the more everyone hates him.  A very memorable quote from this documentary is when George Lucas says:

“There are two types of people in this world, there are creators and there are destroyers and I like to consider myself a creator. They bring something positive to society.”

This entire movie is just filled with great stories and good quotes.  Tom Green makes a cameo and explains that in the beginning of your carreer “everyone is rooting for you because you’re the underdog” but suddenly there comes a time when you’re not the underdog anymore therefore everyone just suddenly hates you by default.


Probably one of the best stories in the movie is when someone describes sitting across the table from Jim Carrey when he read the first review of “Ace Ventura: Pet Detective” where Siskel and Ebert COMPLETELY trash the movie.  And Jim Carrie just felt completely devestated but then said, “You know what I gave it my best.”

Later Siskel and Ebert actually took back what they said about the movie.

“Sorry about that review Jim, we got a little carried away…”

Can you imagine what a sequel to TOMMYBOY would be like without Chris Farley?  Of coarse you can’t.  That would be just wrong!  It would be no different from making a live action movie for the video game DOOM.  Reguardless of what the main character’s name is…it doesn’t “rock” it’s a HORRIBLE IDEA.  If you think that you can just jump in and make money off of someone else’s previous sucess people will remember it…


Here’s why YOU should watch the movie heckler…

Because it’s a good documentary with a huge cast of people telling about their own personal experiences with failure.  Jamie Kennedy talks to Carrot Top about his movie “Chairman of the Board” which was statistically one of the BIGGEST MOVIE FLOPS OF ALL TIME.  You know it’s a flop if you go to the movie’s wikipedia and it doesn’t even have a picture of the movie…

I’ve always wanted to see this movie because I seem to like movies that all the critics hate.  I hate movie critics soooo much.  Four zeros doesn’t give that statement justice.  Critics are just annoying.  However – I’m TOTALLY being hypocritical right because I’m a critic of everything and everyone! 

That sounds kinda cool…who else is in the movie “Heckler?”

This movie is loaded with great comedians, actors, and other people in show business.  It’s filled with LOTS of laughs and definately worth watching twice.  Here’s a little glimpse of some the cast:

  • Jamie Kennedy
  • Louie Anderson
  • David “Elsewhere” Bernal
  • Andrew Dice Clay
  • David Cross
  • Craig Ferguson
  • Larry Flynt
  • Tom Green (III)
  • Arsenion Hall (whoooo-whooo–whooooo)
  • Jewel
  • George Lucas
  • Eli Roth
  • Rob Zombie

 The best quote in the movie hands down has to go to the heckler who screamed something about “dying early just like the rest of the Kennedy’s” during one of Jamie Kennedy’s stand-ups.  However, there’s also one more quote that I found particularly insightful…

“Do what you love and what you’re proud of…and you’re fucking bulletproof. If you do what you absolutely believe to be right you’re fucking bulletproof.”-Craig Kilborn 

Overall, I think the movie was great even though I completely disagree with the idea that “bloggers are losers who live in their parents basements.”  Bloggers are awesome.  Well, okay they suck…but I’m awesome.  At least I feel like that sometimes.


Maybe Jamie Kennedy needs to realize that he’s not an actor…he’s a comedian and he belongs in nightclubs, not on the big screen.  That’s what Dave Chappelle did.

It makes me sad when people like George Lucas just GIVE UP because they can’t take the criticism anymore.  Maybe George should BRING BACK LUCASARTS.  Because that was the best game company ever! (Except for id Software…)



 Thanks for reading!  Check out the movie it’s free on Netflix but I suggest you buy it because you’re probably going to want to watch this movie more than once.


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