The Scarlet Numbers 6.21.12

Hello world.  Let’s talk about Patriotism for a minute.  I think that Americans are becoming less and less patriotic these days, some of them don’t even realize how terribly unpatriotic they’ve become because they’re blinded by the constitution crumpled over their faces.

This man can’t see.  The 1st Amendment is Blinding Him.

What makes you patriotic?  Let’s make an analogy.  Okay, let’s say you’re a fan of the “Packers.”  You LOVE the Packers and you will do anything and everything that makes you “a Packers fan” including painting your entire body green and wearing a giant cheese hat. ..

This guy loves the Packers.

What a fudgepacker.

Okay, you love the Packers.  Let’s say you’re sitting at the game and you have you cheesehat and you love the Packers so much that you’ve actually learned how to predict their next play by lip-reading the coaches mouth and deciphering his secret codes.  Would you still be a Packers fan if you yelled,

“We’re about to do a fake punt !”

That would make you a shitty Packers fan.  Because YOU’RE RUINING THEIR SUCCESS.  Right? Of course! Okay, you’re probably wondering where I’m going with this…so I’ll move on.  Imagine that you’re an AMERICAN.  You do American things, and wave an American Flag around all the time….if you’re a TRUE patriot, you don’t say things like…


 You don’t say shit like that. It’s UNPATRIOTIC.  You’re being a cheesehead and ruining the element of surprise for the next play.  Furthermore, you’re rooting for the WRONG TEAM.  Don’t you want Iran to fail?  Wouldn’t that be a good thing for everyone?  Of course you would!  So shut the FUCK up about the FLAME VIRUS!


Since when did it become socially acceptable to openly talk about your nation’s super secrect information?

“Shut the fuck up about The Fast and the Furious!” 

If an American President uses an Executive Order it’s probably for a good reason, so have some FUCKING RESPECT and SHUT THE FUCK UP.  No one needs to know the Packers are about to do a fake punk.  It’s supposed to be a fucking secrect you TWATS!!!!

You don’t see Robin going around telling everyone in Gotham than Bruce Wayne is Batman….BECAUSE IT’S A FUCKING SECRECT.

 When did the secrect become so unsacred?

Okay, first of let me say that I think Wikileaks is pretty badass.  But I like it for the same reason I liked the Joker in the Dark Knight.  Just because I think Wikileaks is cool doesn’t mean I would set my patriotism aside and go around sharing sensitive information about my own government.  That’s espionage.  It’s shameful and Pathetic.  So if you’re an American and “obsessed” with conspiracy theories why don’t you do everyone a favor and KILL YOURSELF.  You’re not helping anyone.

Here’s the TRUTH that all the liberal NUTCASES can’t handle: 

The Same People Who Protested Guantanamo Bay…

Also Applauded Bin Laden’s Assassination

But Never Saw A Correlation Between The Two 

The truth is we found Osama Bin Laden’s hideout in Pakistan because of a lead acquired during a waterboaring investigation .   


  If YOU ever protested Guantanamo Bay because of some “it’s unconstituntional bullshit theory”  you’re unpatriotic.  Respect the fact that our government and every government has the right to secrecy and SHUT YOUR FUCKING TRAP.

YOU deserve to be waterboarded if you consider “your freedom of speech” more important that United States Secrecy.


You’re not helping anyone except maybe the ENEMY!!!


I feel a lot better now.


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    scarlet …wat password is ….the vagina monoblogs pt.2

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