Who is the Sexiest Catwoman?

The Scarlet Numbers 6.22.12

Hello world.  If you’re a woman, you’ve proababy thought once or twice about which Catwoman you would poke with your imaginary dick if you had a chance.  The Dark Knight Rises is almost here…and if you don’t have dirty thoughts in your head yet…well, it’s time to whip your imaginary dick out…

Let’s take a look at all of the catwomen from the past and list the dirty things that we’d like to do to them:

Julie Newmar (60’s TV series)

Here’s a pussy that will tie you and you won’t even struggle.  The problem is…she’s pretty old now.  Unless you’re into older woman with totally wrinkled cat pussies, you might want to search for a younger, softer, “Newer” and fresher version of Catwoman.

Eartha Kitt (60’s TV series)

What on Eartha were they thinking when they casted this stray cat for the role of Catwoman?  Put away your Rape Kitts folks, you’re not going to want to plow your imginary dicks into this one.

Lee Meriwether (1966 Movie spin-off of TV series)

Look at the little small cute butt on this purr-fect sexy Vixen.  Don’t you just want to slap it! This Catwoman makes you want to lick her heels and then whip out your imaginary dick and ram up right inside her purrfect little cute behind.
Michelle Pfeiffer (Batman Returns 1992)
This is the hottest Catwoman in my opinon.  She’s less than a hundred pounds and her skintight outfit just just makes you want to pin her down and make her love you.
Halle Berry (Catwoman 2004)
You’re imaginary dick is going to need a whole bottle of Viagra if you want to try to sleep with this horrible purr-sion of Catwoman.  See those scratches on her pants?  Those were all made from men who were trying to get away from her during sex.  This pukable version is Catwoman is my far the least sexist, the least intersting, and my most awful sex you’ll ever have. Even worse than the time you slept with the penguin.
Anne Hathaway (The Dark Knight Rises 2012)
Oh yeah.  You’ll be wishing this purr-fect Catwoman will crack into your safe.  This might be my all time favorite, I’m not sure yet because I haven’t yet seen the movie but Anne looks so smoking hot in the pics I’ve seen my imaginary dick has a semi.  It would be safe to say my hardon is already Hathaway there.
We’ll have to wait to see just how boneable she is…
Who do you think the sexiest Catwoman is?
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19 Responses to Who is the Sexiest Catwoman?

  1. Ian Moone says:

    meee oowww sorry pfeiffer wins – she just had the best lines

  2. sansself says:

    Lee Meriweather. I like the classic look and yes, that ass is SO slappable. Anne Hathaway would have won if you’d not presented the perfect shot of Ms. Meriweather. Semi engaged.

  3. clownonfire says:

    Julie Newmar. Hands down. Le Clown is always right.
    Le Clown

  4. twizzlefiles says:

    Hey I don’t see many women with with imaginary dicks voting. Pfeiffer for me, no hesitation. Not just her looks but the way she played the character – soooo sexy. Anne looks SMOKING, I can’t wait to see how she does. Catwoman with Halle, btw, was an awful, awful, AWFUL movie.

  5. extremelyavg says:

    It was a tough poll. I went with Halle Berry, but I almost chose Julie Newmar. I agree, Michelle Phiffer had the best lines.

  6. jeeprs creeprs says:

    Threesome with the top 3

  7. I have never liked pfieffer, or rather, I have never been a fan off. It would have to be Hathaway all the way. Or Julie i her day… not now.

  8. Anonymous says:

    You’re not into black cats? I think Halle Barry is way hot, but maybe not as a Catwoman.

  9. jank brock says:

    I would have ate Meriwether’s ass for days in the late 60s. What an all American body with a look that says eat me all you want. Most definitely the hottest ass of any catwoman. Kit just looked greasy…Newmar had hips as wide as a barn and a big gal most likely not a sweet box….Pfeiffer just too made up…berry too fruity and just too manufactured. Yep Meriwether just an all natural all American hot ass in her day. I would have given her a 3 day marathon between a boxilingus and assilingus!

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