Housewife = Lazy

The Scarlet Numbers 6.24.12

Hello world.  Let’s talk about women who don’t work.  Back in the good ol’ days women were able to trick their husbands into thinking “being a housewife” was an actually full-time job.  Things were much happier back then.  When we actually had time do cook and clean and read. Youu won’t find many women around these days with that kind of luxury because over time women have evolved…

They just keep getting more jealous of men…

and more jealous…

And more jealous and more jealous. …


Now the women’s role has completely reversed.  She actually has to be a grown-up now and do “real-people” work.  And the economy has never been worse.  When did this all begin?  When did the modern housewife decide to venture out of the kitchen and into the vast workplace? And why where women stupid enough to pretend they actually liked working, when in reality they were all just trying to be men?

“This job suuuucks!” 

Let’s talk about the modern housewife for a moment.  You won’t find a single housewife who won’t swear up and down that she’s soooooo busy.

This is what she says she does…

This is what she actually does…

Notice that she book she’s been reading for two months is still on page 78.

Being a housewife these days is one of the most looked-down upon occupations for several reasons.  There are too many to list but here’s a few:

  • All women are jealous of you and automatically hate your guts regardless of how awesome you are at doing the dishes.
  • All men hate you because they assume that you just want to lie around all day and spend their money when in reality you weren’t actually lying around “all day”  just seven and a half hours before getting started on the noticeable things before he gets home from work.
  • Did I just say being a housewife was an occupation? Lol. Sorry, by bad.
  • Just face it.  Everyone hates housewives.  They contribute nothing to society except excellent meals and beautiful homes.  And who the hell would want something like that in their life?

 “I can’t wait until I get pregnant so I can leave this hellhole…” 

Unfortunately the only way women are able to live it up like they used to is to spread their legs as wide as possible and get knocked up.  And ironically they somehow convinced their dumb employers to give them “paid time off” for raising a kid as if it wasn’t their own damn fault they didn’t put an aspirin in between their legs.

Don’t cha…

“Don’t you wish your housewife was a housewife like me…” 

Unfortunately the housewife isn’t the same nurturing sweet lady she used to be.  We all want to smack her.  Really hard.  In the face.  She’s just full of shit.  Yeah she looks like she’s been running around with that tray all day in her hands, but she’s really just been lounging around while you were at work slaving away.

What’s your opinion?  Do you think housewives are lazy? Do women belong in the workplace or are they better off at home “taking care of their families.”  It seems like the modern woman in stuck in a big huge mess we all like to call an identity crisis.


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3 Responses to Housewife = Lazy

  1. twizzlefiles says:

    I can’t vote, it’s not that simple. Yes or no is completely dependant on if you have kids, and your financial situation. I think you should evaluate your reasons for wanting children if you plan on just popping them out and then handing them over to someone else to raise. The first few years of a child’s life are so impressionable, shaping who they are in later years. Wouldn’t you want to be the major source of molding who your children become? Having said that its not always possible, we all have to pay the bills, we do what we have to do. Single parents have no choice but to work full time and they still are able to build strong loving relationships with their child/children, I get that, I just think given a choice it’s not the ideal situation. When our kids were small we tried as much as possible to have one parent home, and it was a great financial sacrifice believe me, but we weighed the pros and cons and felt that was the better way to go. It doesn’t have to be mom either, I was a stay-home dad for over 2 years because at the time my wife made more money, and I look back on it as probably the most rewarding time of my life, I wish all dads could experience that.

  2. Christina says:

    This is a bit viscious… anyhoo. Housewife doesn’t = lazy ass. I could spend all my earnings paying someone to raise my kid to be a smart ass punk, give some to fast food because I just don’t have the time to cook and pay a cleaning woman because I am too exhausted to run a vacuum. Then I could spend all my free time bitching about how hard it is to raise a family and work. Oh wait, I work so I can pay someone else to raise my family….

    • Great insight, thanks for reading, I’m not sure where I stand with women in the workplace. I’m lazy, and I don’t want to work and there’s always someone who is willing to feed me, let me crash on their couch, buy me stuff, etc. however, this whole idea that women HAVE to work I believe has gone too far. Someone needs to dedicate their time to children, cleaning, etc, and kids these days aren’t being raised at all.

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