Why This Next Election Is Critical…

Well, my friends since Obamacare itself is about to be destroyed in the next 24 or so hours all thanks to the flawed system we call “Democracy.” Maybe it’s time to actually take a look at your surroundings and realize what you’ve been doing wrong for the past 4 years since Obama was elected.

  • You let Republicans control the Senate.
  • You let A Republican Controlled Supreme Court Completely destroy the Affordable Healthcare Act. (In T-Minus 10 or so hours.)
  • You allowed the biggest danger of all: The Super-PAC to emerge like a colossal beast and skew the legislative process into the depths of hell
  • You didn’t share http://www.thescarletnumbers.com will all your friends and family.

Most people who voted for Obama are unaware everything they voted for is about to change severely in the next few days. Because you failed to keep Republicans out of the Senate, now our entire constitution is being interpreted by a majority of Republican Supreme Court Justices. Let’s just say this Supreme Court Ruling is going to be one hell of an imbalanced seesaw…

So it’s time to start educating yourself before it’s too late! Mitt Romney’s main goal is to win the presidency so he’ll be able to shape the Supreme Court and the Whole Judiciary for decades to come. If you think things are bad now, imagine FIVE Republican justices....that’s very likely to happen which means every ruling from the Supreme Court there will be FIVE republicans ruling one way and two democrats twiddling their thumbs.

“Our Survey says…

no one cares what you 3 Demmies have to say!

Obamacare is repealed!”

All you have to do is vote against Romney…

Just in case you’re not “up to date” with your presidential politics, he’s the white guy. A vote for Obama will assure there will be more democrats in the Supreme Court. It’s that’s simple. However, as for Obamacare…unfortunately my friends, it’s too late. You failed to educate yourselves on how they System works…and now everything Obama worked for years and years is about to be ruled unconstitutional by a bunch of riff-raffs in the Supreme Court who will do anything and everything to make sure that Obama won’t be re-elected.

Republicans are ready to start making fun of Democrats Big Time…

This EPIC failure by the Democratic Party will be laughed at all around the world. We might even see Obama himself doing another classic facepalm. So what can you do to stop the Democratic Party from losing again, and again, and again…and again?

That’s simple.

Vote against Romney.

Trust me, it will make him feel like a TOTAL loser.

If you’re a Texan like me, you’re doing everything you can to make sure that Mitt Romney loses in Texas. This sounds like an impossibility to political experts, but I’m here to say, “No one gives a shit about political experts.” It’s time that we finally embarrass the Republican Party one last time…


The next president will make nominations that will shape the Supreme Court and the whole of the judiciary for decades to come.


Okay, I feel a little better now.


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7 Responses to Why This Next Election Is Critical…

  1. John Zappella says:

    When democracy isn’t really democratic

  2. Anonymous says:

    God I hope the Supremes’ will rule ObamaCare unconstitutional. I don’t have health care insurance and I certainly don’t want the nanny state to mandate my purchase of it while they are mandating what size soda we can buy.

    This doesn’t taste right! Can I have some salt…NO!

    The Supremes will be ruling on every citizens right to purchase or not to purchase ANYTHING in this precedent setting case.

    Do you want you next car purchase to be mandated by the Federal government? Here’s your “choice” Scarlett: The spontaneous combustion, coal powered Chevy Volt or the coal-fired, self-igniting Fisker Karma.

    Your constitutional rights are be erased. Have you been to an airport in the last 11 years? TSA is hard at work chipping away at your 4th Amendment rights — specifically illegal search and seizure.

    The upcoming General Election is simply about individual freedom and potential prosperity versus centralized government control over our fellow citizens and wealth redistribution.

    OBTW, the Majority Leader of the Senate is Harry Reid (D NV). The Democrats have the majority of seats in the Senate not the Republicans.

    • The Supreme court isn’t deciding which car you will buy, they are deciding whether people will die or live.

      Do you have a problem with the government telling you that you need car insurance, that you need to wear your safety belt, and need to drive on the right side of the road?

      Didn’t think so.

      Your logic is flawed.

  3. sansself says:

    That anonymous comment is just drooling madness.

    I think it’s important to defeat Mitt Romney so we can prove that America likes a man who’s got principles that are tested by fire, not a man who fires others while making money on someone else’s principal. The country isn’t a business. Mitt’s a competent businessman, sure, but the country isn’t a business. The moves he’s made as a politician should be all the proof anyone need to know that he’s just another wishy-washy Republican. The difference is that the last Republican elected to the White House was a simpering fool who hid behind his cabinet when the going got tough, while the one currently running to get into the White House is a savvy, sadistic businessman (see also: con man) who doesn’t think that the American people are smart enough to see him for what he is. I hope he’s wrong about us as a people… but I’m not so sure.

    • Just to play the devil’s advocate, I think that the ideology that “America needs to be run like a business” would in fact make our military stronger, thus creating more power and influence throughout the world.

      • sansself says:

        The reply to that is that we already have one of the strongest military complexes in the world. Whether that’s a good thing or not, of course, is in the eye of the beholder. I think having a strong military is useless if it’s not being used. We could better utilize our armed forces as a police force since, through the UN and NATO, we already do that. I don’t mind the USA being the world police if the population’s basic needs are all met.

        That’s why it’ll never happen as long as the Republicans keep insisting that letting the rich get the demon’s share of the wealth is ethical. If the financial situation here isn’t fixed, no one’s basic needs are going to be met. We already have more hunger and homelessness than should be allowable in a developed nation and our educational system has gone straight into the fucking toilet. That helps the Republican cause since education is the best defense against tyranny.

        If we can’t fix those kinds of issues, we’ll never fix healthcare effectively. If we ever get around to fixing education and healthcare so that all citizens, I bet the problem of the military complex will somewhat solve itself. An educated populace can’t really give a lot of good reasons to go to war and will thusly withdraw from many conflicts. If that happens, healthcare will be affordable because we’ll be able to sink the money from the shrunken military complex into fixing a corrupt and ineffective system of medical care. Then the people might be able to see the fact that we’re supposed to be smart, intelligent, and welcoming to outsiders… as opposed to being anti-immigration idiots who treat our own people as various classes of person instead of one people.

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