Supreme Court Fails To Demolish Healthcare

The Scarlet Numbers 6.28.12

The Supreme Court realized this morning they have “absolutely no idea” how to operate a “wrecking-ball-machine-thingy” and upheld the controversial Affordable healthcare Act rather than demolishing it into the ground.

 “Those wrecking ball thingies are harder to drive than you would think.” A supreme court justice said earlier today, “They don’t operate like cars or anything like that.  You actually have to know what you’re doing, and today we demonstrated to the American public we have absolutely no idea what we’re doing when it comes to wrecking the dreams of millions of Americans nationwide.”

Obama sleeping soundly on the Bed Of Winning…

 “Although the Supreme Court tied to completely make a mess out of my dreams, I actually got a good night’s sleep.”  Obama said, “I had this dream that I was sleeping on a bed on top of a building and a wrecking ball was just dangling uselessly but not really damaging anything. It was pretty funny.”

A new laws in being proposed by Republicans requiring all Supreme Court Justices to learn how to use wrecking balls correctly in the case that Obamacare might be questioned again some day in the future.

As for Republicans, they forgot that the popcorn button on the microwave button never works, and the popcorn they popped to eat while watching Obamacare crumble to pieces was “freaking disgusting.”

A big disappointment for Republicans today.


-TSN Washington

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