Six Shows I Watch Almost Everyday Pt. 2

The Scarlet Numbers 6.30.12

Well…well…well…June is almost over.  The first blog that I made this month was about TV and I’ve realized that I’ve actually been watching a lot of television lately.  Sooo… here’s six shows that I’ve been watching on tv lately…

The Big Bang Theory  

This is probably the best sit-com in the past decade.  All the characters are so loveable nerds (except for Penny who is a loveable airhead.)  The show’s theme song is so catchy that it just makes you want to watch another episode when the show ends.

I love this show.  It makes me want to become a complete comic book loving nerd.  Well…I already am a nerd but surely not to this degree.


Something about this show just didn’t appeal to me for years and years, and then one day I decided to watch the first episode on Netflix and realized this is actually a really witty and hilarious show.  There’s literally almost a punchline in every single line of dialogue and the characters and situations are definitely unique.  If you haven’t ever watched this show, watch the first episode and you might find yourself hooked.  I’ve still only watched the first two seasons, so I still have a lot more to watch.  I’m really going to be upset when this one is finished because this show is great and surely under-appreciated.

Hardcore Pawn 

This show is actually pretty interesting despite the bitter arguing between everyone.  These people own the biggest pawn shop in Detroit and basically film crackheads stumbling into their store to pawn stolen tv’s to get their daily fix.  It’s pretty interesting to watch and the show really just makes you want to hop on ebay and start buying and selling things like some kind of expert merchant.

Lizard Lick Towing 

This show displays white trash at it’s finest.  Basically they just go around towing people’s cars and filming people freak-the-f-out when their car is being taken away.  Sometimes this show is really interesting because they often need to come up with sneaky ways to get possession of their wanted vehicles.  If you like drama, watching people fight, and watching stupid angry people get belligerent, this is the show for you


I never watched this show growing up.  I was too busy breaking things and getting arrested for stuff.  This show is free on Netflix so I thought that I’d give it a shot, and it’s actually not too bad.  I actually usually just have the show in the background and listen to it while I’m surfing the internet, so I basically just listen to the show rather than watching it.  And this actually makes the show scarier because you don’t have to watch all of the corny special effects from the early 90’s.  I’ve really only watched the first dozen or so episodes of this show so I’m excited to see the rest.

The Cleveland Show 

Here’s another unappreciated show that will probably get cancelled because it’s one of those things that people just overlook.  I’m not the type to watch TV at regularly scheduled times so often I find myself watching shows long after they’ve been made.  I really hope they continue making this one because it’s just as funny as Family Guy.

What kind of shows do you enjoy to watch?

If you have any recommendations, leave a comment below.  I’d be interested to see what everyone else has been watching recently.


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4 Responses to Six Shows I Watch Almost Everyday Pt. 2

  1. boomiebol says:

    I love big bang theory…nerd appeal:). All the others I haven’t exactly watched. These days I don’t pay too Kuching attention to tv. But I am getting into the whole true blood phenomena

  2. jenn M says:

    I have a non-vampire show I watch. It’s on MTV called Awkward about a teen girl in going through the daily life of high school. It is a really witty, fun show and worth spending the half hour watching it. Start with season one. I don’t know where it is available. I wasn’t going to try it, but I was bored one day after my surgery, and totally high on Vicodin. I started watching, and continued until the end of the season. True Blood is good too!

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