7 Cult Classics That I Haven’t Seen

The Scarlet Numbers 6.30.12

Hello world.  Let’s talk about some cult classic films.  Here’s a short list of movies that I’m not crazy about.  Some of them I’ve never seen others I’ve tried to watch and just get extremely bored.

Never seen it.  Probably never will.  Isn’t this movie in black and white?  If so why is the cover in color?  What’s this movie about anyway? I think one of my teachers tried to make us watch this in school when I was young.  No wonder I never watched it.

Read the book.  Never seen the movie.  I don’t really see the point.  I’m just going to be disappointed and I already know what happens.  I don’t think anyone has the capability to film a Stephen King book and actually get it right.  I bet in ten years or so there will be a lot of great Stephen King books done really well on screen.  As for now, I don’t think that film is ready for King’s work.  That’s why I’m afraid to watch this:

“Why haven’t you seen the Shining yet Scarlet?” 

If Stephen King didn’t like the movie, I’m not going to bother watching it.  I’ve read this movie several times, in fact I’m reading it again right now among several other novels.  I’ve just never been interested in watching this movie.  Nothing on screen could do this book justice in my opinion.  Just as a side note: I’m really looking forward to a remake of “It” if one ever actually happens.

I watched the first one and wasn’t impressed.  I think the absolute awesomeness of the Sopranos kind of ruined the Godfather for me, because the Sopranos is so much longer and so much more epic than just a two hour film.  I’ll have to check this movie out sometime because it supposed to be really good.

Maybe I’m Xenophobic and I just really dislike England…but I can’t seem to get past the first 15 minutes of this movie without turning it off.  There’s just something completely uncool about this movie.  Just the way they beat up the homeless man, and drink milk, and wear those stupid dildo masks on their heads. This movie just defines uncool for me.  I extremely dislike this film and I don’t think I’ll ever watch the entire thing unless I’m tied to a chair and forced to watch it.

Here’s another one that I can’t seem to watch past the first 15 minutes.  There’s something about this movie that I just find offensive.  I don’t like the way they glamorize on insanity as if it’s “something cool.”  Maybe I’d like this movie if I actually watched the whole thing, but I have no plans to.  I just really really dislike the whole concept of the movie and it’s not in the realm of what I would consider awesome.

A lot of people assume that I’d like movies like Clockwork Orange, Donnie Darko, and the Silence of the Lambs series, but I don’t.  I don’t like Hannibal Lecter because he’s too sophisticated.  It’s just not realistic that he would actually be a killer.  Unlike Dexter who is sophisticated, Hannibal just doesn’t do it for me.  Perhaps there just isn’t enough killing, or perhaps I just don’t think cannibalism constitutes as something that should be considered scary.  When I see Hannibal Lecter I just want to beat him up.

Anyway, yeah.  There’s 7 movies I haven’t seen yet and probably never will.  Are there any movies that you’ve always wanted to see but never got around to it?

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3 Responses to 7 Cult Classics That I Haven’t Seen

  1. jenn M says:

    The Shining, and The Godfather 2 are the only two of those movies I’ve been able to get through. I can’t watch extreme violence, and I don’t like watching movies that make me cry. I am going to give Schindler’s List a try again. Good list!

  2. Mrs. Jones says:

    Just reading this blog, a few days behind….I find it ironic that you mentioned you’d have to be tied to a chair and forced to watch A Clockwork Orange….I mean, that’s exactly what happens to the main character in this film. Maybe you knew that though.

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