The Six Best Websites on the Internet

The Scarlet Numbers 7.2.12

What are the best websites on the internet? That’s a good question.  If you’re just logging onto the internet for the first time you’re probably wondering to yourself…

“Where the &#@! should I start?”  

Well, luckly I’m here to tell you ALL the best websites on the Internet.  First let me mention 3 main websites you should stay away from:


All of these sites suck a big one.  If you want to have fun on the internet, you can’t just sit around watching dicks twirl around all day.  That’s no fun.  So let’s get started.


This is a great website that’s always full of random awesomeness.  It’s kind of like Reddit without the idiots.  This site is one of the best sites on the internet that will re-direct you to something that you’ll actually enjoy.  I don’t think I’ve gone a single day without browsing Digg once or twice…



Reddit is actually pretty cool despite it’s shitty community.  Everyone on this site is just a know-it-all who likes to argue. However, if you want to find funny pictures, interesting stories, or basically just anything that will entertain you for an hour or more Reddit is a place you should check out. Reguardless of who you are you’ll find something that you’ll like.

#3. Youtube

Despite becoming 50% less cool after it’s Google take over, Youtube has suprisingly still remained the main website where people upload videos.  It’s really a shame that more websites haven’t tried to become more like Youtube because back in the day Youtube used to be the greatest thing ever.  Unfortunetly now it’s just not what it used to be, but it’s still a place where you can find hours and hours worth of useless entertaining crap that will amuse you.



Great site if you want to find free stuff, post an add for free, or just read other people’s angry rants.  Few websites have been able to be as useful as craigslist.  There’s Angie’s List, but that’s just not the same.  One thing you need to watch out for on this site is the dating section. NEVER meet anyone from craigslist.  They’re all pyschos who will murder and rape you. (Trust me I know this from personal experience I was murdered last year on Halloween after using this site.)

#5. Ebay

I don’t understand why everyone in the fucking universe doesn’t just quit their job and use ebay.  It’s the easiest way to make money in the universe.  If you have a job you’re fucking stupid and you’re not applying yourself.  Get an ebay account and sell some stuff.  You don’t even need to own what you’re selling.  Just sell stuff and once people send you the money for it, purchase it from someone else on ebay and send the product to the buyer.  IT’S NOT THAT FUCKING COMPLICATED. 




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