The Middle Class Illusion

The Scarlet Numbers 7.2.12.

 Hello world.  Let’s talk about class warfare today.  Have you ever met anyone that would consider themselves lower class?  Didn’t think so.  The truth is there is no middle class in America.  We’re all lower class citizens in denial.

The truth is we all consider ourselves “slightly successful”  when in reality we’re all complete failures.  Well okay, maybe that’s a slight overstatement.  Maybe we’re just semi-failures.  One thing is for sure though, America has the biggest class gap in the world and most people who consider themselves “successful” are actually just huge losers who don’t even realize how losery their are.

Lower Class Citizens who “think” they’re in the middle class

Just look that these scumbags.  What a bunch of peasants.  Will they ever get ahead?  No.  Why? Because the new Season of True Blood comes out next Tuesday.  Oh, and the iPhone 5 is about to be announced.  Oh and Teen Mom Season 3 is coming to Netlix on July 21st….

“Damnit! We’re not going to be able to afford tickets to the Dark Knight Rises.” 

 Here’s a few questions we should probably ask ourselves about our economy:

  • Why is there so much debt?  (And who’s profitting from it?)
  • What can’t anyone seem to pay their bills on time? (Are we all irresponsible?)
  • Who let the dogs out?  (Seriously, who?”
  • How can we fix the economy for good?

I don’t know any of the answers to these questions, but I wish that I did.  I really seriously really wish that I knew who let the dogs out because that question has been bothering me since the late 90’s.  The main question that I really want answered is:

Why  does everything think they’re so freaking special?

“Can’t afford to pay mortgage….Diablo 3 was expensive lol.”  

Why can’t we all just admit that we FAIL at life?  This shouldn’t be hard to admit, but people just seem to be in COMPLETE denial about it as if they’re actually going to get a raise at work and become owner of the company overnight.  It’s just NOT going to happen.  Nobody likes you, nobody loves you, and noone is going to scratch your back unless it’s with a big giant rusty RAKE. 

 The overall goal for our nation is the make people believe that they have succeeded so they’ll buy a house, or an iPhone, or an X-Box.  And then juuust when these people think that they’re finally made ends meet…they’ll get their electric bill and realize…

“Holy shit, I can’t afford this twenty bedroom house!” 

 Unfortunately, this is the way it’s supposed to be.  Because when you don’t pay your electric bill, or you’re mortgage that debt just becomes another product that stingy scumbags are eager to buy and flip for a profit. Ask any debt collector how much he or she likes their job.  Trust me, they freaking love it…

“Do you like Scary Movies!” 

Who’s fault is it anyway that all these debts are seeminging to pile up endlessly? Good luck trying to get a loan at a bank these days, that’s just impossible and not going to happen, unless you happen to be asking for money for a house that you can’t afford.

 Should we blame credit card companies for throwing money in our faces and forcing us to think that we’re special when we’re actually not?  Should we start selling other people’s debt at the Grocery Store right beside the toothpaste and the fucking celery?

When are we all going to wake up and realize that we’re all just a bunch of losers?
It better happen soon.

Because enough is enough.

 I’m gonna go take a dump now.


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7 Responses to The Middle Class Illusion

  1. Everybody does seem somewhat blind to their circumstances and unwilling to change their lifestyles. Instead preferring to continue spending and adding to the debt.

    I have had months where I couldn’t afford gas for my car to get me to work. I have sold pretty much everything I own in order to survive. I don’t have a credit card, I don’t have any loans. Is it easy. Hell no, life can be damned cruel, especially at the end of the month, right before payday, but I know what when this whole recession begins to turn around, I will be 100% debt free and ahead of the pack.

    Great post Scarlet

  2. Ramin says:

    I blame Fox News and Rush Limbaugh and Glen Beck. Why? Because every day they tell Americans that ALL of their problems are irrefutably the fault of the Liberals. “If only Liberals didn’t exist, this country would be a perfect utopia.” That’s their basic message. If only Fox News didn’t exist, we could go back to the ordinary partisan bickering we always had, rather than our current situation of having all lawmaking bodies be constantly stalemated by stubborn jackasses who believe their government is too big.

    So American citizens think all their problems can be blamed exclusively on the only people who don’t stand up for themselves (the Liberals), rather than admitting it is their own damn fault for being so ignorant about how their government works, and being so lazy as to only vote for the same guy they have always voted for no matter what he does.

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