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Clint Eastwood is a MORON

Wow. Did anyone else watch Cunt Eastwood last night? What an idiot. First he talks to a chair, then he says attorneys shouldn’t be president. This just in Clint…Romney studied law 20 years before Obama at the SAME school. Stick … Continue reading

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10 Things Every Single Woman Should Know

The Scarlet Numbers 8.31.12 10 Things Every Single Woman Should Know Hello world. If you’re single like me, finding a man can be hard work. Unfortunately, unlike you I don’t have great places like to fall back on, so … Continue reading

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R.I.P. Al Franken

The Scarlet Numbers 8.30.12 He’s good enough, he’s smart enough, and gosh-darnit…people liked him. But now he’s dead as a doornail.  Al Franken, (no relation to Frankenstein) who played the snobby, rich kid Chatsworth on the 1960s TV show The Many Lives … Continue reading

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Should An ID Be Required To Vote?

Federal court strikes down Texas voter ID law  The Scarlet Numbers 8.30.12 I recently read an article on CNN about a Texas voter ID law that required voters to have a valid ID when voting.  A federal appeals court in … Continue reading

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Types of Pussy

The Scarlet Numbers 8.30.12 Do people actually read my blog or are they just searching for vagina pics? That’s debatable. Today I decided to look deeper into this issue to see if people are actually reading my blog, OR if … Continue reading

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Top 10 Countries That Have Viewed My Blog

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Six Reasons To Start Blogging Right Now

The Scarlet Numbers 8.29.12 Everybody loves a good blog right? Actually….no. The truth is, everybody hates blogs and if you have a blog the chances are everybody secretly hates your guts and wishes they could shove a pitchfork down your … Continue reading

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