Ghostbusters 3!!!

The Scarlet Numbers 8.3.12

Ghostbusters fans worldwide are rejoicing the great news that the 3rd movie has finally been green-lighted. After years and years of Bill Murray being a complete jackass, the crew realized that he honestly it doesn’t really even matter if he’s in the new movie. “People watch Ghostbusters movies for the ghosts, not the actors.”

Thankfully, Dan Akroid finally put his foot down acknowledging that Bill Murray isn’t really that good of an actor.

“He might of had a few hits back in the day. I liked him in Caddyshack, oh and What About Bob…what else…oh and he was pretty good in Ghostbusters 2. Yeah…that’s about it.”

Akroid continued to list horrible movies that Murray has “acted” in recently like Garfeild, and Lost in Translation…oh and Garfield: A Tale of Two Kitties.

“Seriously, look at his filmography…he’s never done anything that compares to Ghostbusters 2. And don’t even say The Man Who Knew Too Little, you just can’t even compare the two. What a Jackass.  Seriously.  What a jackass.”

In other news, Ackroid is still being a jackass for refusing to make a Coneheads 2.


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