7 Celebrities Who Have Endorsed Mitt Romney for President

The Scarlet Numbers 8.4.12

First of all let me say making this list of 7 Celebrities who have endorsed Romney wasn’t easy.  Doing for the research for this blog actually required a lot of research because literally ZERO celebrities will endorse Romney.  Seriously, I made it to the 26th page on Google before I finally gave up on making a TOP 10 LIST and decided to only list 7.

Gene Friggin Simmons won’t even endorse Romney and he’s the biggest douchebag Republican in the entire universe.  And I mean…THE universe.

So here goes…out of 26 pages of searching Google I actually found 7 Celebrities who have endorsed Romney.  If you can find anymore please let me know immediately.

#1. Kid Rock

Here’s one of those wannabe rockstars who thinks he’s a rock star and has somehow convinced a small amount of people that he’s actually a rockstar.  But the truly is: Kid Rock is not a rock star.  In fact, it’s an insult to Rock itself that Kid Rock has Rock in his name.  This guy hasn’t even written a good song.  Ever.  Everything he’s ever made is complete crap.  And don’t you dare mention “That Sweet Home Alabama Song” he wrote because KID ROCK NEVER WROTE SWEET HOME ALAMABA.  Kid Rock Wrote: Ba-dada Ba-da bang a band ziggy ziggy something with a midget that sucked. Seriously, look at this guy…

Way to make an American Flag into a Pancho douchebag

#2. Jeff Fox-worthy

The only time you’ll hear “Fox” and “Worthy” used in the same sentance is when you hear this guys name.  What’s with the faggy Freddy Mercury moustache Flanders?  Jeff Foxworthy’s success was competely based entirely off Redneck Jokes and after the 90’s were over, so was he.  This guy needs to get a life. And a haircut.  And some better punchlines.

Shave the moustache off too you fucking douchebag.

#3. Clint Eastwood

It’s not 90 years old yet…so I’m not quite sure who this guy is.  All I know is that he’s a cowboy and he’s old.  I’ll spare making fun of this fudge-cowboy until I learn something about him…when I’m 80.

#4. Jenna Jameson

Sorry about the graphic pic, I couldn’t find any other pictures of Jenna Jameson.  She obviously hates Obama because porn stars are now taxed up the ass under Obamacare.  Well, that’s not the only thing that has recently been shoved up her ass, so I think it’s pretty safe to say she’s a fucking moron.

#5. Donald Trump

Can I talk trash about Donald Trump?

Absolutely not.

He’s a genius.

But his show sucks.


Hairy Balls.

Oh and he’s an idiot for endorsing Romney.

#6. Tebow

This guy needs to take a rage dump and stop looking like a fucking praying mantis.  It’s no wonder he endorsed Romney. He plays for the Jets.

#7. Brad Pitt’s Mother

Who the fuck does this bitch think she is?  ALL OF HER MONEY comes straight from two democrats (to the left) and here she is endorsing Mitt Romney!!! She should be licking every Democrat’s balls within a five mile radius.

Thanks for reading everyone.

If you don’t share this on Twitter I’m going to slit your fucking throat.  I’m not joking, I’m being completely serious.


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One Response to 7 Celebrities Who Have Endorsed Mitt Romney for President

  1. Joey says:

    You don`t know who Clint Eastwood is? He`s won 4 Oscars, And 2 golden globe awards. He tells a studio, He wants to make a movie. The studio gives him 100 million. Clint only spend 25 million and pockets the rest. That`s who Clint Eastwood is.

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