What is RAM?! I Hate My Macbook Pro and Starcraft 2


The Scarlet Numbers 8.15.12

Hello world.  Lately I’ve been having a rough time with my computer.  I hate my macbook pro right now.  It sucks at everything.  Everything.  This all began when I tried to install Starcraft 2 into my computer only to find out that my computer didn’t have enough space to play the game.  So I deleted practically EVERYTHING on my entire computer but still only had about 14 GBS of space on my hard drive.

The Space Game that Takes Up Waaay Too Much Space on Your Computer

On the box of this Starcraft Game it said that it needed 12 Gigs of Harddrive space and 2 GB’s of RAM.  But I have absolutely no idea what RAM is so I just started deleting more and more things…

Did someone say RAM?  lolz

Finally I gave up and I decided that I’d just watch a movie.  So I leaped onto the wooden docks of the good ol’ pirate bay and downloaded the new Seth McFarland Movie TED.  But once it was down dowloading, I couldn’t even open up the file to watch the movie!  I was like…

“Fuuuuck this shitty Macbook Pro….”

Apparently whatever I had been using to watch .avi files had been deleted while I was deleting everything when I was trying to clear up space to play Starcraft.  I finally just lost my temper and used another labtop which:

  • Could open up .avi files easily
  • Had enough space to play Starcraft

This shitty macbook pro serves no purpose if I can’t do anything on it.  I can’t play ANY games on this piece of shit.  NONE of them.  My brother asked me the other day if I had ever played Leage of Legends so I tried to download it, only to realize YOU CAN’T PLAY THAT ON A MAC.  So I went on the internet looking for another online game that I could play.

  • Can’t play Leauge of Legends
  • Can’t play dungeons and Dragons
  • Can’t play Starcraft 2

I’m basically stuck with RUNESCAPE if I want to play anything but I can’t get past the 1st five minutes of the game because the graphics SUCK and it just makes me more and more angry that I’m not playing Starcraft.

Who the **** wants to play Runescape.  What a horrible shitty game.

Anyway, if anyone knows how I can clear up RAM on my computer, please let me know because I’d really really like to play Starcraft 2.  I need something in my life right now to distract myself from reality.   Also, what’s a program that I can use to watch .avi files?  I hate computers. Seriously.  I tried to do a google search and it got me nowhere.  I’m thinking that I was using something called Quicktime?  I dunno.  I’m seriously a huge blonde when it comes to computers.

See you soon,


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5 Responses to What is RAM?! I Hate My Macbook Pro and Starcraft 2

  1. Lalita Gragg says:

    I’m sooo blonde also when it comes to computers, I have PC and have never had a Mac. My brother is a computer genius, I will seriously ask him about the Ram and what to do, cause we all need to distract ourselves from reality -sometimes I wish I could do it all day! The only sure cure for that is drugs and alcohol and we all know where that leads….a tacky episode of Intervention! Good luck and I will check around for you, bugs the crap out of me when I can’t play the game I want, or if I have any problem with my computer!

  2. Kyle says:

    What a pain. I hate MAC but I can explain something for you. RAM has nothing to do with “space” on your computer, that “space” is your Hard Drive (HDD). Random Access Memory (RAM) can be thought of as the short-term memory, in the sense that once the power is turned off, all information stored there is not saved. All modern computers have hard drives which store data permanently as magnetic information, but even with the improved speed of today’s hard drive technology. Hard drives are still too slow to keep up with the needs of the processor since it can operate on considerably more information per second than can possibly be transferred to and from the hard drive.

    This is where the need for a fast, short-term memory solution comes in, a memory space that provides very fast access for the processor so data can be written and read as needed without slowing down the system appreciably.

    RAM fulfills this need, specifically DRAM (Dynamic RAM), the template for all modern memory types.

    So basically the more RAM you have, the faster you can read/write from your HDD. If you dont have enough RAM, the only option is to buy more and install it. What you were doing was clearing space on your HDD.

    Hope this helps, and hope you can enjoy some SC2!

  3. Only thing i know about computers “Typing”,… 😛

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