Insane Clown Posse Vs. The FBI

I recently read an article saying the Insane Clown Posse was suing the FBI for categorizing their fanbase known as “Juggalos” as an official gang.  They described the FBI’s actions as “a public lynching” saying that now their concerts and merchandise is considered “gang-related.”

What’s your opinion?

Should we all be classified by the type of music and concerts that we enjoy listening to?  If you’re spotted at an ICP concert or have an ICP tattoo or simply like to put clown makeup on your face while blasting “The Great Milenko” at a red light, should you be considered a gang member?

Let’s compare two different pictures right now.  First above we have a picture of a bunch of kids they wouldn’t normally be considered a “threat” to anything but taste.

Next we have the MS13 who commits a significantly more amount of crime.  Is the FBI doing the right thing by classifying both of these groups as the same type of entity?  Let’s play the devil’s advocate and consider that maybe we’re perhaps overlooking how dangerous “Juggalos” can be.  Maybe fans of the group have actually committed enough crime to put themselves on the map and maybe dismissing them as a group that isn’t dangerous is RACIST because we’re automatically assuming that because these Juggalos are mostly white, they’re not as dangerous as Mexicans or Blacks.

What’s your opinion?

ICP described this as being “a danger to their fans” saying that you shouldn’t classify them into the same groups such as the “MS13” gang who actually do go out and kill people, unlike their fans who are mostly just a bunch of pot-smoking low-lever criminals.

The fanbase of Insane Clown Posse has grown over the years, but is it realistic to think that they’re in any way organized?  First of all, if you’ve listened to ICP, you’d know that they sing about murdering people, smoking weed, and all that other fun stuff…but isn’t it all in good fun?  They are in fact clowns?  I think that anyone with a brain could look at their message and dismiss it as “all fun a games”  unlike a lot of rap music which in almost all cases claims to be “real.”

There are a lot of rap artists with fan bases twice the size of ICP’s fan base with an even more violent message, why aren’t these rappers being targeted?  Why aren’t these fans being labeled as “being in a gang?”  The bigger question that probably needs to be asked is, “If the FBI is allowed to label Juggalo’s a gang, what’s to stop them from labeling Lady Gaga’s monsters as the same thing?

Yep…definitely gang members…

I think that ICP actually has a pretty strong case right now against the FBI.  Although it don’t agree that ICP fans are “cool” or “strapping young lads who would never commit a crime”  I think that this portrayal of Juggalos as gang members is not only inaccurate, it’s also damaging to ICP’s business.

But maybe I’m wrong.  Here’s an article about Tela Tequila being attacked by ICP fans at an ICP concert.  For the FBI to simply ignore incident after incident of these ICP fans breaking the law might be ignorant on their part.

What do you think?








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