Let’s take a look at the Numbers…


The Scarlet Numbers 8.19.12

Wow.  My website has been getting crazy views for the past week and I haven’t even been updating this blog regularly for the past month.  One blog in particular, The 25 Types of Vagina  seems to be going semi-viral.  I’m getting around 900-1000 hits a day for some reason, but the weird thing is, I don’t know why my website is getting so many hits.  I haven’t been promoting it, haven’t been writing, I really haven’t done anything different.  I guess that people are really just “into” vagina this time of year.

Let’s take a quick look at the numbers and let me show you what’s been going on…

I stopped blogging in early july and didn’t start back up until about Aug 4th.  Suddenly out of nowhere on Aug 10th people starting reading this vagina blog like crazy.  I’m really glad that people are reading that blog because I think it’s pretty funny, however, I was kind of waaaay out of my mind at the time of writing it and it could use some editing.


If I continue to keep getting this many hits a day, August might possibly be my most successful month, but I’ve only written a few blogs so far.  Maybe all my hard work is finally paying off and people are finally recognizing some of the funny sh*t that I wrote a couple months ago.



This is definitely the most successful week that I’ve ever had.  I just feel kind of weird about it because:

1.  I don’t know who is reading…certainly no one is commenting on anything.  I think people maybe just be looking for porn and they’re being mislead to my blog on a search engine maybe?  I don’t know.  I really just hope that people return back to my site and continue reading because I’ve really worked hard on a lot of this stuff.

2.  I really regret not blogging in July and Aug.  It has always been really cool to look back and some of these things and see something like a roadmap of my life.  I really hope that I’ll be able to think of some more stuff to write about, however, I probably won’t be writing 4,000 words a day like I was back in April and May.

Anyway, sorry for the boring blog, I just think that it’s always interesting to see the statistics from this site.  Especially months down the road. Cross your fingers for me, maybe this blog will totally go viral soon and we’ll all be famous.





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7 Responses to Let’s take a look at the Numbers…

  1. I am totally jealous, I have been writing what I consider to be some of my best stuff this last month, but cannot buy visits. Stuck around 40 a day! Congrats on the impressive stats, and it is great to have you back 🙂

    • I got discouraged around July and just stopped blogging altogether. Just remember, once you write it, it’s there and people don’t always notice it until further down the road. I’ve had similar stats, around 100 views a day when I’m writing my ass off all day every day. It’s discouraging, but don’t give up. All it takes sometimes is time.

      • Brandon says:

        Girl I love ur blog out of anything that I read I read ur blog that’s all I really ever read I don’t know its very interesting and I love the shit u think of

      • Hema says:

        re con 4 e il 5 capitolo ctmibaao ..@destiny 64″oltretutto i titoli su binari sono alla portata di un pubblico decisamente pi vasto che le solite avventure in terza persona.”come ho gi detto il porting di re 4 ha venduto piu’ di uc, ma quali sono le solite avventure in terza persona per wii(si potrebbe anche dire tps vista la piega degli ultimi re)?

  2. I hope so. I’ve been going about 18 months now, and had a couple of good months, but then it just fell back down again. I’ll keep going, but think I may change some of my topics. Of course, my blog is very much focused around my writing, and less about life and those of us that live it. 🙂

    Nice picture by the way.

  3. Suhair says:

    I am curious to find out what blog plaoftrm you’re using? I’m having some minor security issues with my latest blog and I’d like to find something more safeguarded. Do you have any recommendations?

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