Worried and Lost


I cannot sleep. I’m worried about my future. What kind of fucked up society do we live in where I can’t find a job that pays more than minimum wage. Why did I even bother going to college? Sometimes I get so angry I feel like I could burn buildings down and feel no remorse. I feel like the only way to make people truly understand how angry I am is with fire. I’m eating less and less everyday and getting skinnier and skinnier. I’m worried about getting deported back to my country. I’m pissed off about getting rejected from this pet store. I had a “working” interview and worked all day scrubbing dog piss and came home smelling like dog piss. Maybe it was for the best. I’m so lost right now. Sometimes I feel like I have no purpose in this world. I surely know that I don’t belong behind the register of McDonald’s. I keep having the same dream every night where I have lots and lots of drugs and I run and hide to places where my friends, family, and co-workers can’t see me…and in these dreams I just get high. Night after night.


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2 Responses to Worried and Lost

  1. You certainly have a lot to contribute Scarlet. You are way better than a crappy minimum wage job. Success is out there, and you will achieve it. You are an attractive, young woman with a long life ahead of you, so don’t let the bastards get you down. 🙂

  2. The government tells us to get college degrees, yet for what purpose? A lot of jobs are allowed to be shipped overseas.

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