Fake Hate Crimes

The Scarlet Numbers 8.22.12

Have you ever wondered why people do outrageous things for attention? I just finished reading an article a out a lesbian who was apparently “raped” who claimed that her attackers carved homophobic slurs on her body. However, upon investigating her story versus the evidence police determined that there were holes in her story.


Eventually they arrested her for making false statements and now she’s not talking to the media about it because she’s obviously a gutless little twerp who is willing to exploit herself and her sympathizes for $1,800 of financial gain while demonizing on rapists who wouldn’t even rape her with a ten foot pole…


This story reminded me of a somewhat similar event that happened four years ago during the 2008 Presidential Election. If I remember correctly this gutless little twerp carved a B into her face and then ran to the media saying “She was depositing a check at an ATM and a black man approached her and carved a B into her face because she didn’t support Barack Obama.

Eventually the police realized that the B was actually backwards, which raised a red flag and made everyone realize that she was looking in the mirror when she carved the B into her own face. In this similar incident with the mutilated lesbian, police noticed that her cuts were made in convenient places that lead someone to believe they were self inflicted.

What kind of punishments should we have for these people who make fake claims to police officers about hate crimes? Should they simply be slapped on the wrist with a class C misdemeanor for lying to a police officer or should their punishments be worse?

I think their punishments should be more severe because they are not only manipulating our men in women in uniform, they are abusing hate crime laws for their own personal gain whether it be for attention, money, or…did I mention attention?

Feed these bitches to the lions.!!!!

I say eye for an eye would be fair here. They should actually get raped and mutilated and the other should have another B carved into her face by a actual black man. These women would then really know what it’s like to be victims and then they can pathetically get the attention they want oh so desperately.



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5 Responses to Fake Hate Crimes

  1. Tyashki says:

    Perhaps the punishment should match what they were lying about.

  2. I think it is disgraceful, and I am generally all in favor of tougher sentencing for people for their crimes. Murder is life, and life means life, not twenty years. Some people could kill, serve their sentence and still come out and work enough to build up a full pension.

    People who abuse the law for nothing more than their own personal gain should be publicly vilified. Named, shamed and sentenced as tough as possible. Doesn’t have to be jail, or well, it should be but on top of that, something that will identify them so that they never forget. Being raped or abused is never nice, and to use it as an excuse is a kick in the teeth to all of those that have suffered.

    Great post!

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