The Top 10 Robots of All Time…


The Scarlet Numbers 8.23.12

Everyone loves robots.  But who are the best Robots of all time?  That’s what I’ve been thinking about for the past 15 minutes, and I’ve finally finished my top ten list.  I’ve decided to leave a couple of Robots out because…well, they don’t belong on this list:

  • Transformers
  • iRobot
  • Robot Chicken

These Robot’s don’t belong on the Top 10 Robots of all time…this list is for the best Robots ever….so I’ll shut up now and get to it…

#10. Robocop

Ahhh…Robocop.  The cartoon was a kid’s cartoon, and then the movie came out and it was violent and it was rated R.  Oh.  And it was awesome.  I still remember the gang from Robocop 2 called “The Splatter Punks”

Did you know there’s about to be a new Robocop movie coming soon?  This will definitely be something to look forward to.  I’m super psyched.

#9. Rosie 

Rosie should actually be the #1 Robot on this list because she cooks and cleans.


#8. Wall-E 


Wall-E was a good movie.  But how original is his character?  He reminds me a little too much about a Robot from the 80’s….do you know who I’m referring to?  Keep reading and you’ll find out!

#7. C3PO

The first gay robot.  I hate C3P0 but I thought that I was be chased by an angry mob unless I added him to this list.  Plus, C3P0 reminds me waay too much of Wall-E…and C3P0 is waay too hard to type…he just sucks altogether.

#6. Awesome-O

Who doesn’t like Awesome-O?

He eats toothpaste and he cuddles with Butters.

 Everyone loves him, well except for Eric Cartman who soon realizes he should have never tricked Butters into thinking he was a real Robot.

#5. Bender 

Oh Bender…

I don’t want to even talk about Bender right now because I just finished watching every episode of Futurama and now I miss him…

I think I’m going to cry….


#4. Short Circuit 

Now, THIS is the original Wall-E.  But this Robot was better because he cracked obnoxious and inappropriate jokes.

#3. That Robot from that Queen Album

I don’t know anything about this Robot. lol

#2. The T-1000

This robot probably deserves to be #1, but again, I don’t want to be chased around by an angry mob with pitchforks.

#1.  R2-D2 


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4 Responses to The Top 10 Robots of All Time…

  1. flash says:

    terrific,,, great post, scarlet. i was watching some bad sci fi movie about an android a few months ago and thought about the different songs about robots. i made a mental list of them. then, awarded “Paranoid Android” from Radiohead the winner. it might make for an interesting post, as well. who knows? kudos

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