Why Everyone Should Hate Republicans

The Scarlet Numbers 8.23.12

I hate Republicans. They’re nothing but Gold Diggers.   Seriously. These days  I can’t go outside and smoke a cigarette without fear of getting bit by a mosquito and getting the West Nile Virus, but what’s even worse than the fear of getting West Nile is I’m constantly surrounded by a bunch of Fox-News loving primitive idiots who think they know everything because they’ve labeled themselves “Republicans.”

They all think they’re part of the top %1….but the overwhelming, and I mean OV-VER-FUCKING-WHELMING MAJORITY of Republicans are NOT.

In reality, Republicans are not Republicans.  They are fucking MORONS.  They are the slime of society, the anti-government living, breathing, trash who dedicate themselves to a collective and selfish biased view of the world.  They are mindless sheep who care about one thing and one thing only: Money.

The only reason Republicans hate Obama is because he’s costing them money.  Period.

If the tables were turned and buisnessness could actually do better with Obama in office, they’d vote for him in a kanye-west heartbeat.

Now I ain’t saying you a gold-digger, but you aint messing with no broke…

This pathetic Republican party is more selfish than a heroin addict with twenty bucks in their pocket.

No one, not anyone or anything is going to change a heroin addicts mind about how they are going to spend that $20.  Well…unless you offered them MORE than twenty bucks…this is the basic psychology of the Republican Party. Republicans simply just want money.  They will vote for any coke-sniffing, prostitute slapping, baby-strangling sleezeball regardless of anything and everything they represent as long as that candiate is saving them money.  This is seriously how simple and retarded Republicans are.

Robin Hood: The FOX the Republicans hate…

 Unlike Republicans, Robin Hood never had any intentions on stealing from the poor and giving to the rich.  Robin Hood wanted to help out the less fortunate, you know, the people in society who were suffering and the people in society who needed a helping hand.

But the only “helping hand” a Republican can comprehend around their small little twerpy brains is a hand that is hands them money.

You really couldn’t over simplify things better than quoting the movie Dirty Work, “There are two types of people in this world, people who get stomped on and people who do the stomping.”  Usually this is the way it works:

  • Democrats get stomped on.
  • Republicans do the stomping.

If you’re a small business owner, or a large business owner, you’re probably going to be a Republican.  That’s just the way it works. Rich people own businesses and poor people work for businesses.  And  the second that you reach actual succes Uncle Sam is going to come knocking on you door saying….

Bitch, gimme yo money!

Quick! Hide yo kids! Hide yo wife! Obama’s coming to take away all our cash! And successful businessmen, know this and they  just look at this guy standing at their doorstep and think to themselves,

“Who is **** is this twerp?

What has he done to deserve my hard earned money?

And they want to give this guy as little as they can.Truth is, the majority of Democrats don’t mind giving their money to this guy, because the truth is, they actually care about PEOPLE OTHER THAN THEMSELVES.

  The Republican party  only cares about five people:

  • Jefferson
  • Ben Franklin
  • George Washington
  • Abraham Lincoln
  • Roosevelt

Ben Franklin:  Creator of Political Influence in Washington

It’s couldn’t get any more simpler than this:

 One party likes to make the rich richer and one party who likes to spend money like a teenager at the mall with her Daddy’s credit card.

Both parties suck.  But the Republicans are far dumber, more out of touch, and essentially the worst thing that could ever happen to America.  If you are a Republican you deserve to be bitten by a mosquito with West Nile and you deserve no one to attend your funeral, because you are LESS of a person for being a Republican…you are the pathetic, filthy, slime of humanity that deserves to be spit on and flushed down into the wretched shit filled sewers where you belong.

Thanks for reading, lol


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3 Responses to Why Everyone Should Hate Republicans

  1. I am not into politics, and the politics of America always confuse me. Not so much because I don’t understand it, but more because I don’t live there, I don’t experience it. I liked Obama, but that was from my perception of him and his speeches etc. I have no idea how his term has affected people or how he has done compared to those before him etc.

    I am always of the belief the all politicians lie, and the choice comes down to just who creates the most believable lie at the end of the day.

    It always astounds me at how brainless many politicians seem to be, or rather their seeming fetish for sticking feet (preferably their own) into their mouths at any given opportunity.

    That being said, a great post, as always.

  2. Anonymous says:

    You’re a fucking idiot.

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