2016: Obama’s America Movie Review

The Scarlet Numbers 8.26.12
Who is Obama?
Do you know who he is ?
Or do you think you know who he is?
One thing is for sure: If you were to watch the movie 2016: Obama’s America without any knowledge of Barack Obama this movie will just cloud your perception about our President’s character.  This film is nothing more than an hour and a half long dose of xenophobia. If you are scared of people who aren’t white, this movie is perfect for you.
I went into the theatre to watch this movie with an open mind and to my astonishment I actually didn’t scream, “This movie is BULLSHIT”  once throughout the whole film.  However, that’s what I was thinking the ENTIRE time.  There is no mention whatsoever in the film about the fact Barack Obama was a lawyer, a congressman, or a Senator. Instead, he’s portrayed as just a black man (who isn’t angry) who is obsessed with his father who was never there.  Did I mention that Barack Obama isn’t an angry black man?
 Imagine you were born without a father…you’d probably think at least once of twice throughout the coarse of your life, “Where the **** is my dad?”  You might even think this three times.  Obama however thought about this exactly four times.  No, five.  So he decided to take a trip to Kenya to visit his father’s grave.
And that’s essentially what half of this movie is about.  Not the accomplishments Obama has made over the course of his life, not the fact he was born in Hawaii, not the fact that he was a lawyer or a congressman or even a Senator.  According to this movie Obama has more in common with the native Kenyans than a normal everyday American.
The director likens himself to our President on the basis of being an immigrant noting that he came from India and implying that Obama’s roots are somehow are originated in Kenya. But that couldn’t be further from the truth. As we should all know by now Obama’s roots are from Hawaii and Chicago (which are both in the United States just in case you suck at geography.) However, the United States is the last country this movie is about. Instead the director obsesses on Africa and India ignoring the fact Obama spent his entire life in the United States.
The movie suggests Obama is more concerned with the overall globalization of the world rather than strictly focusing on America, which may be a reality. But given the power of the office of the president, what president wouldn’t? Would it not be reasonable to believe that America has an obligation to help other nations? Of coarse we do. We are not isolationists.  We are after all the superpower of the world.
The idealists who support this movie want to have their cake and eat it too.   They want to call  Obama an anti-colonialist while at the same time persecute him for colonizing the middle east. The director creates a retarded and  imaginary fantasy land called “The United States of Islam” which he suggests is the work of Obama as if Bush never sent a single troop over to Iraq or Afghanistan. Then the director has the nerve to criticize Obama for not policing Syria and Iran as if we have the same foreign policy as Team America.
“Why so Syria?”
Desousa criticizes Obama for his decisions on offshore drilling and an oil pipeline from Texas to Canada as if any president in the oval office would  have acted any differently. This is a clear case of political buffoonery.
No offense to any of my reader’s from Canada, but you’re not getting are fucking oil from the Gulf Coast.  That’s just not going to happen in a million years despite what the Republicans want.  That’s our American oil so get used to “dealing with it” because, yeah, it’s ours.
The movie uses old Mccainian tactics using Reverend Wright, Bill Ayers, Frank Marshall David, Unger, and Said to try to associate Obama with people who have much more character flaws than our President.  What do  Frank Marshall Davis, Unger, Said, Reverend Wright, and Bill Ayers…have in common with Obama?
The discussions about nuclear arms in this movie are completely idiotic and retarded.  Apparently, according to this movie, getting rid of nuclear weapons makes us less safe and the fact we’ve reduced our nuclear arsenal from 1,500 bombs to 300 bombs somehow makes us a weaker nation.
During an interview with Obama’s brother, our President’s sibling says something significant. He says that no country in Africa has been as successful as South Africa.  He compares this to South Korea, saying that when there is presence either from Britain or the United States, these countries become more sophisticated and eventually grow to become better places.
The main point the director wants to portray is that Obama is more interested in helping out Africa and the Middle East rather than focusing more on us.
His argument however is weak.
Don’t go see this movie.
It is a waste of your time and money.
Wait for it on Netflix.
Or just download it.
If you do actually take the time to watch it, don’t say I didn’t warn you.

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2 Responses to 2016: Obama’s America Movie Review

  1. ftw462 says:

    Thanks for the heads up, I’ll wait for Netflix!

  2. Anonymous says:

    I got to the part where you said Canada will not get our oil from the gulf coast and just couldnt read anymore of your review. The pipeline is so WE can get more oil from Canada to to lessen our dependence on ME oil. If you are going to review political content, you should at least understand current events.

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