Types of Pussy

The Scarlet Numbers 8.30.12

Do people actually read my blog or are they just searching for vagina pics? That’s debatable. Today I decided to look deeper into this issue to see if people are actually reading my blog, OR if people are just trying to look at pussy pics and happen to stumble upon my site during their jerk-off sessions. I would LIKE to think that at least half of the people who view my blog are actually reading it rather than jerking off…

HOWEVER…yesterday I received 462 views from “other search terms.” What these people were searching for, I have no clue. Apparently they weren’t looking for pussy.

Sometimes these kind of stats bother me when I look into to them because although I’m super excited about getting 1,300 hits on my website, the sad truth is 700 of them came from people searching for VAGINA. Which means than in reality only 400 people actually were viewing my blog.


Maybe I should just give everyone what they want. Maybe I should just post my vagina and make everyone happy. I like to think that I’m “classy” and I wouldn’t do such a thing, but another part of me just wants as many people to view my blog as possible…

what do you think I should do?

Should I post my vagina for the whole world to see? Or should I continue to stay classy and leave my vagina to the imaginations of my readers?

Let me know what you think.


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4 Responses to Types of Pussy

  1. Personally, I think teasing them all is way better, and much more fun. Take it from someone who actually reads and appreciates your posts. 🙂 I like a classy lady!

  2. sansself says:

    As much as I want to quote Ron Burgundy and say “Stay classy,” I’m also a male who knows that sometimes all it takes is a hook to reel me in. If you can hook’em by faking them out, maybe that strategy can work. I’d make it a substantive post about how “Most of you lechers just came for the pussy when you could be learning something from this blog instead, or at least laughing at me!” Make people feel bad for merely searching for wank material, then hit’em with a deep thought of some sort. It might work. It’s got as good a shot as anything else does… except your movie and music reviews, those fucking rule and you should do more of them.

  3. mark says:

    I don’t think you should take pics of your vagina and post them, its really not the proper thing to do. I’d pay you $20 for a photo of your ass though. lol

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