Should An ID Be Required To Vote?

Federal court strikes down Texas voter ID law

 The Scarlet Numbers 8.30.12
I recently read an article on CNN about a Texas voter ID law that required voters to have a valid ID when voting.  A federal appeals court in Washington recently determined these voted ID laws were “racially discriminatory.”
Apparently, to get an ID in Texas, you need to “travel great distances” and actually “pay money” to get an ID.  Well, no shit Sherlock.  What does that have to do with being black?
 According to Washington, more black people don’t have cars and money, therefore it should be illegal to ban them from voting.  Is this reasonable? Are these minorities really that incapable of getting it together enough to get a simple photo ID?  
It costs like $30 bucks to get an ID.
That’s not a lot of money.
Let me put myself in their shoes momentarily.  I’m white and I don’t have a driver’s license because it was revoked because I refuse to pay speeding tickets.  If I get a ticket, I’ll usually use it to roll a joint or wipe my ass or vagina.  I certainly don’t abide by Texas driver’s laws because they are bullshit and especially where I live, there is so little crime that police officers have nothing better to do than pull people over for the dumbest reasons.
I simply don’t agree with the law, therefore I don’t follow them.
However, once I lost my license, I needed to get an ID, so I went into the DMV and got myself an ID. That’s what you’re SUPPOSED to do and if you don’t follow the rules, there should be consequences.
When I got pulled over and didn’t have car insurance, I got a ticket.  When I got pulled over again and didn’t have car insurance, I got another ticket.  When I got pulled over for the 3rd time and didn’t have car insurance, my car was towed.  That’s the consequence…the reason my car was towed has nothing to do with my race, it has to do with me not having car insurance…
So why should not having an ID be any different?
If you don’t have an ID, you shouldn’t be able to vote.
Just as you’re required to have a driver’s license to drive, or else face the consequences….why shouldn’t there be the same laws for voting?  EVERYONE has to travel  and “pay money” for their identification.
 Which brings me to the question:
What the FUCK is wrong with these minorities?
If you want to vote, go get your ID dumbass.
We shouldn’t have “the rules not apply”  anymore
simply because you can’t get off your lazy ass
and get an ID just like everyone else.
Can black people not budget their money well enough to buy a car, put gas in the car, and drive to the DMV to get themselves a driver’s license?
Are they SO obsessed with their menthol cigarettes and their gangster rap CD’s that they fail to budget their money enough to VOTE?  This ID voting law wouldn’t be a racial issue if minorities would just get their act together. 
What do you think?
 Am I being too harsh?
Should I really feel sorry for people who won’t even integrate themselves into society enough to get themselves some identification ?
Let me know what you think.

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