Top 10 Countries That Have Viewed My Blog

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5 Responses to Top 10 Countries That Have Viewed My Blog

  1. im-a-lion says:

    Not too shabby …

  2. sansself says:

    So were those last two results the reason why you think the CIA is watching you? I’d be worried too, given that impetus. Jesus… Syria and Pakistan… not a good combo. Maybe terrorists and repressed cultures like looking at your pictures. Either that or Arabs in predominantly Muslim countries love to read about shitty movies and worse technology.

    I like that India is watching this site as well. There are a lot of Indians over there… more of them by percentage should be reading! You should reach out to India somehow. Maybe do a review of some Indian places where you live? Talk about how outsourcing’s done the job it was supposed to do (saved money, built economies out of nearly nothing) and now we can insource our jobs again? Perhaps some post on mysticism and sex?

  3. hofzy says:

    im from syria hellen…but im so normal guy nd i dont eat ppl …!!!
    and i ll keep reading your post if u dont mind 😉

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