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How to Get Laid (Without Putting a Ring On It)

; The Scarlet Numbers 9.3.12 Hello boys and girls, today I’m going to tell you a story… Once upon a time there was a thing that was called “Sex before Marriage.” This curious and mysterious thing is unknown to people … Continue reading

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Grateful and Hateful

  The Scarlet Numbers I don’t think I realized until today how grateful I am for this site.  It wasn’t until I thought it was almost gone until I realize how much it meant to me.  But now I’m going … Continue reading

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How to Get Banned From WordPress

The Scarlet Numbers 9.2.12 Hello everyone. If you’re reading this that means this blog has survived. Otherwise I’m completely SOL, all because I suggested 20 Free Porn Sites to all of my viewers.   I have always tried to keep … Continue reading

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Are you there God? It’s me Scarlet

Well I’m not sure exactly what is going on or if this blog has been deleted permanently or not. I can view the blog from my phone, but when I try to view it from my computer it says the … Continue reading

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Top 10 Canadian Celebrities

Canadian people are funny.  Period. And America loves them. However, it’s almost impossible to be a female Canadian celebrity unless you have BIG BOOBS.  And i mean huge boobs.  Like…backbreaking boobs.  Let’s take a look at the Top 10 Canadian … Continue reading

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Seven Bad Remakes

The Scarlet Numbers 9.1.12 Let me start off by saying not everything “remade” is horrible. There are actually a lot of great remakes out there. This list doesn’t just include soley “remakes.” This is a collection of ideas that just … Continue reading

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