Seven Bad Remakes

The Scarlet Numbers 9.1.12

Let me start off by saying not everything “remade” is horrible. There are actually a lot of great remakes out there. This list doesn’t just include soley “remakes.” This is a collection of ideas that just aren’t original (which seems to be Hollywood’s favorite thing these days.) It seems like nothing is off limits these days. The most sacred thing can be completely RUINED due to greedy people trying to make a quick buck off of someone else’s magnum opus.

He’s basically the only 80’s icon that hasn’t been defiled in the past 10 years. When I see movies like Transformers, G.I. Joe, and the Smurfs being remade it makes me want to puke because I feel like someone is taking my childhood memories and chewing them up like a piece of beef jerky.

“Leave the 80’s alone!”

I don’t think that all unoriginal ideas sucks. Here’s a good example of something that was absolutely awesome: Dilbert: The Animated Series

This is how it should be done. This comic strip was turned into a cartoon and looked exactly like the comic strip. The typical thing would be to use CGI and make this cartoon look like something that came from Pixar or Dreamworks. But this show just stayed true to its roots.

Peter Jacksons Lord of The Rings has also been deemed universally awesome. Sometimes I wonder what J.R.R. Tolkien would think if he could watch these movie. I’m sure he’d love the hell out of them just as we all do.

In the horror genre we have the Ring, which was 100,000,000,000 times better than the Japanese version. Don’t even try to argue with me on this one.

7. Mr. Popper’s Penguins

What the *%&# is the bullsh*t.

#6. Batman Forever / Batman and Robin

What the *%&# is the bullsh*t.

#5. The Transformers

What the *%&# is the bullsh*t.

“Leave the 80’s alone you assholes.”

#4. Bride of Chucky / Seed of Chucky

What the *%&# is the bullsh*t.

#3. Super Mario Brothers

What the *%&# is the bullsh*t.

#2. Garfield

What the *%&# is the bullsh*t.

#1. The Cat in the Hat

What the *%&# is the bullsh*t.

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5 Responses to Seven Bad Remakes

  1. I don’t know, the Matthew Broderick Inspector Gadget sucked balls. Utterly awful movie.

  2. Ian Moone says:

    Yep batman forever sucked, not Careys best role

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