Grateful and Hateful


The Scarlet Numbers

I don’t think I realized until today how grateful I am for this site.  It wasn’t until I thought it was almost gone until I realize how much it meant to me.  But now I’m going to be super paranoid about everything that I write about.  More than ever I feel like I’m being watched and monitored and told what I can and cannot write about.

Will this hold me back or will this open up new doors?

Will it make me more fearless?

I don’t know.

I’m paranoid.

Scarlet lost her mind.

Can she see or is she blind?

For some reason all I want to talk about today is porn.  What’s so offensive about it?  I understand why people don’t like it and don’t want to be associated with it.  However, it’s not like I was misleading anyone into looking at images that they didn’t want to see.  The blog was specifically called, “The Best Free Porn Sites”  and there wasn’t any nudity on MY blog, just links to other sites that have nudity.

So where do I draw the line?  If I happen to see a really funny website about dolphins is it okay to share that link?  Or should I refrain from posting that link because it directs people to a 3rd party site?

What if I discover a really cool site about Dolphin Vaginas?

 Am I allowed to post the link to that?  I’m so confused about the rules.  All I know is I really don’t want to get banned again because it really sucks feeling like you don’t have a voice. I really wondre who decides what’s offensive and what’s not…

 Let’s take this picture below as an example…

Is this considered nudity?  I mean, yeah sure it’s edgy.  It you happen to be the kind of person who likes to stare at boobs you might notice this woman’s cleavage.  But what if I just wanted to post this picture to say something about her outfit.  Should I not post pictures like this soley because this woman has big breasts?

What’s your opinion?

Should I cut the crap and grow up and stop being so edgy?  Or should I continue doing what I’ve been doing for the past 5 months?







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7 Responses to Grateful and Hateful

  1. sansself says:

    Break on through to the other side…

  2. Bruce Ruston says:

    Wise man say if you write on the edge of a knife, you must accept a few nicks from time to time – just remember to pack many sticking plasters (Not sure what you call them over there sorry)

  3. hofzy says:

    i feel its better to post wat ever you like tell ..:D

  4. erniecordell says:

    I can’t tell anymore. It wouldn’t make me complain — I do wonder what the intense attraction to breasts is — but I just figured a lot of guys were immature and hungry. Tonight I got torched on GetGlue for referring to the plot breakdown on “Supernatural” as “spiritual porn” since I felt that it started with single-mission “hunts” and went on to glut the theme with an apocalyptic free-for-all like the porn trope. Oh, and evidently one is not supposed to say such words around ladies.

    • sounds like you’re sourrounding yourself around the wrong ladies, say what you want

      • erniecordell says:

        Thanks, I appreciate your input: They don’t have me surrounded yet — I did sever a few connections, though. I mistook a poorly-worded confrontation for a request for explanation. When I explained, they disagreed: When I supported my arguments with evidence, they accused me of “discussing porn with girls.” I took exception with their impugning my sincere efforts at literary analysis and they accused me with talking down to them. The aggressor’s assertion on her intellectual capabilities was that she could recite Poe’s “Raven.” Handshake authentication not requested 😉

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