Top 10 Canadian Celebrities

Canadian people are funny.  Period. And America loves them. However, it’s almost impossible to be a female Canadian celebrity unless you have BIG BOOBS.  And i mean huge boobs.  Like…backbreaking boobs.

 Let’s take a look at the Top 10 Canadian Celebrities…

#1. Jim Carrey

Also known has Harry from Dumb and Dumber, the Riddler, the Grinch

and Mr. Popper

#2. Justin Bieber

Also known as Douchebag

#3. Mike Myers

Also known as Austin Powers

#4. Pamela Anderson

Also known as “Whooa…look at those boobs!”

#5. Dan Akroyd

Also known as one of the origional Ghostbusters / Coneheads

#6. Michael J. Fox

Also known as “That guy from Back to the Future”

#7. Tom Green

Also known as “That guy who humped the dead moose in that Eminem song.”

#8. Norm MacDonald

Also known as “that guy from billy madison”

#9. Leslie Neilson

Also known as “that guy from those naked gun movies”

#10. Ryan Reynolds

Also known as the Green Lantern

oh and also…

#11. Seth Rogen

(Not Famous)

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